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How did Notti Die


Who exactly is Notti Osama:

Here’s an account of what transpired with Notti die Osama, as well as all of the intimate facts of the conflict, the most recent information on the incident, and fan tributes. Ethan Reyes, also known as Notti die Osama the had been involved in a tragic incident and died last year. Continue reading to find out who. How did Notti Die he was, what occurred, who faces charges, and what the most notti die recent update on the terrible story is.

who was Notti Osama:

Osama, a drill rapper form Yonkers, an New York, was 14 years old. He had been the smallest of six children, and his brother, DD Osama, paid tribute to his memory on social networking sites following his death. Osama, whose given name is Antonio Reyes, and his family had relocated from Bronx to notti dieYoung Place in Yonkers. Drill rap is a type of rapping that emphasises mocking and taunting opponents, which could be why he got to a fight.

What became of Notti Osama:

On July 9, 2022, Osama was wound to death after a dispute in a Manhattan subway station. According to accounts, the boy, 14, got into a fight with a teenager rival at the station at 3 p.m. that day. Despite the fact that the reason for the fight has not been reveal, the youngsters evidently had a feud with one another. Police discover knives and a broomstick as the crime scene and disclose that the entire incident was record on video. Osama died at Mount Sinai Manhattan Hospital following the tragic stabbing attack.

Notti Osama shooting incident explained:

Osama and two of his buddies were walking in York Heights once they spotted Martinez, according to sources. Osama took up a broom and trailed the suspect into the tube station. Martinez took up a knife and bit Osama is the abdomen after they trapped him and whacked him with the broom. Osama was discover bleeding from his gastrointestinal tract by police, and despite being brought to the medical centre, he was later declare dead.

Who was indict with the grisly murder of Notti Osama:

Cops arrested Kelvin Martinez, 15, and charged him for first-degree manslaughter and unlawful possession. He was charge with second-degree murder at first, but the charges were drop after it became apparent that Omar cornere Martinez and frighten him with a mop. He was brought to New York City Hospital for treatment of his stab wounds.

Who assassinated Osama Notti:

Osama and Martinez, according to the Metropolitan District Attorney’s office, were “associates of hostile gangs.” MTA NYC transportation president Richard Davey stated in a statement, “We thank NYPD law enforcement officials, with whom we collaborated, for the swift arrest of a suspect. That he and the individual who die were allege to have knowing each other’s identities further underscores a senseless quality of this tragic tragedy.”

The reaction of Notti Osama’s family upon his death:

Meanwhile, Osama’s brother, DD Osama, a drill rapper, lamented about his loss on the TikTok video What NYC Sounds Like. “I kept thinking,He would be here today if I had only spent more time with him. He’d be here today if I hadn’t been there.”

“He just became caught away in the s**t of street life.”  just happened to choose a musical path that results in art morphing into violence. He would have been extremely successful as a singer for popular songs or in any other type of art or music. “It just so happens that his chosen style of music turned up reciprocal violence,” Osama’s relative Kelvin Ventura said of the rapper.

An update on the stabbing event:

The Manhattan The district Attorney’s office acknowledge in October 2022 that all prosecution in the case had been dismisse. Because prosecutors could not refute Martinez acte in self-defense. According to a spokesman, the 15-year-old was trying to defen himself before he use a blade on Osama, and because this cannot be refute, the charges been officially withdrawn. She went on to confirm that the judgement was make base on statements from witnesses and video surveillance.

Notti Osama: 10 Facts

Here’s a supplemental list of the most significant ten Notti Osama obscure facts you should know.

  • Ethan Reyes was Notti Osama’s real name.
  • He was a Harlem-based wannabe drill rapper.
  • On July 9th, 2022, Notti was repeatedly knife to death.
  • Notti Osama died tragically in a Subway Station downtown New York, USA.
  • Notti Osama enjoyed five older brothers and sisters.
  • Kelvin Martinez, 15, is suspect of stabbing the musician.
  • Notti Osama’s brother is rapper DD Osama.
  • According to reports, Notti have a girlfriend , Niyah.
  • His overall wealth was estimate to be between $100,000 and $500,000.
  • Just a few weeks before his death, the singer unveiled artwork for his latest novel, Without.


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