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What about the Doujinshi Website


I applaud Book Riot for my fanfiction fixation and the natural transition into doujinshi (which is refer to as djinshi). It is frequently misident as a manga genre when, in fact, it corresponds to a sub-category in the marketing business. Do you enjoy manga? Do you enjoy reading fanfiction. Then combine them and fall in infatuation with doujinshi. Except that doujinshi website is much more than that.

Sure, the substance is frequently influenced by previously published material, but the final outcome is far more unique. In reality, the entire point of doujinshi is to generate self-published content. Created by fans for fans. It can be anything from fantasy AU to original stuff breaking into the publishing realm. Or, at least, that’s how it began. It’s becoming more difficult to locate the top doujinshi sites that nevertheless back authors and don’t try to devour your soul (and money account) in the bargain currently (I sound so ancient writing that).


The digital world complicates things, which is why it is difficult to discover trustworthy and legitimate sites where you can read doujinshi. Doujinshi is technically protected in Japan. Under Japanese copyright law, it is deemed shinkokuzai, which implies that legal action is rarely pursue and is limit to prosecution by those with copyright who are considered offend. It is also regard culturally advantageous to the commercial book market. Many people believe that derivative or fan-art material draws attention back onto the original piece. There have been a few instances where regulatory action has been taken (for example, Nintendo prosecuting the creator of pornographic Pokémon manga and a “alternative final chapter” to Doraemon that was thought to be too good to be true).


Whereas there are certain physical storefronts with online buying sites, online reading sites are less transparent about how they repay the creators. Here are the top doujinshi websites I’ve discovered.

  1. PIXIV:

Pixiv is a prominent online art community among doujinshi makers. It’s comparable to DeviantArt in that authors can post their own work, such as art and literary works. Participation is require for viewing the website und read any article about doujinshi online, however it is free and simple to sign up for. To help you narrow down your search, the start page includes categories such as Squid Sisters of Charity, Smile PreCure, and heaps of hentai. There’s also a Pixiv encyclopaedia to help you learn new things. It has recently seen an increase in users both the United States and South Korea, presumably due to an increase in doujinshi lovers looking for fresh content.


ComicFury is a webcomic hosting website rather than an internet-based doujinshi site. It provides a website that may be customise by almost any webcomic creator. The site is presently being use by a small but rising number of doujinshi creators. At the moment, the site is free, but it is support by Patron membership, which allows independent authors to link to their personal domains to create their own cash. It requires a little html editing to make it the job, but it constitutes one of the several pro-creator sites available.


This website provides some more advanced doujinshi for newbies before introducing you to the substantially darker material. Daniel Kim developed the website to showcase his work, which includes the well-known Cardcaptor Sakura spoof Tomoyo42’s Room.


The following is a small independent bookstore in the United States. The website sells print and digital versions, as well as English language editions. Star Fruit Books publishes both traditional manga and doujinshi.If you’re seeking for yuri/GL manga + doujinshi, LILYKA carries a substantial collection. They work with yuri doujinshi producers to produce a diverse range of stories centred on your (girls with girls).


For fans of manga outside of Japan, doujinshi may appear out of place and in direct violation of most copyright legislation around the world. It has garnered recognition in Japan through high-quality productions, passionate creators, and its position in the business. As it grows in popularity around the world, more websites and retailers will look for ways to offer doujinshi while maintaining the ownership rights of the authors, both traditional and doujinshi. The sites listed below are currently the finest doujinshi sites, and I’m sure the will be more very soon.



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