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What is the brilliant healers new life in the shadows chapter 1?


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To Brilliant Healer’s Fresh Life in the Shadows, Volume 1

About this ebook:

The brilliant healers new life in the shadows chapter 1 Zenos has not had a good life. He was born within the slums, so his impoverished upbringing has denied him nearly every opportunity. Following a meeting involving a healer, he devotes himself to studying how to become one, and he eventually gets a break once an adventurer asks Zenos to his group. Zenos is overjoyed—so excited, in actuality, that he is willing to put aside his teammates dismissing him like crap.

They fail to recognise his abilities and eventually dismiss him, stating he has outlived his worth to them.Zenos, now out of money and alternatives, decides that he will put his self-taught abilities to use elsewhere by opening an underground clinic. Word spreads rapidly about the great healer who works incredible marvels in the city’s brilliant healers new life in the shadows chapter 1 underbelly. Even the palace of the monarchy has taken note…

Can Zenos defy the odds and make a life worth living in a universe that spits at him? Can he salvage the lives of each of those with illnesses who end up on his gate in the process?


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