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How much do gallbladders weigh?


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Giant bile (GGB) is a rare ailment, with only eight occurrences document in the literature in the middle of the seventeenth century [1,2]. A case report published in 2013 reveal the gallbladder dimensions of 4 individuals with GGBs [2]. GGBs have been define using weight, size, and shape. To date, the majority of GGB removals have been perform via laparotomy [3]. This case report presents someone How much do gallbladders weigh with a GGB  that manifested as an opportunity iliac fossa tumor. The GGB was effectively removed with a mini-laparoscopic cholecystectomy.


Have you ever wondered exactly how much your gallbladder weighs:

The average person’s gallbladder, which measures from three to four inches long and a little over two inches wide, is quite small.

It’s also quite light, weighing only 2 to 2.5 oz (56 to 71 grams). That’s about the weight of three AA batteries!

It may seem strange if a healthy person may live an ordinary existence lacking their gallbladder. It isn’t consider a vital organ.

What amount does a gallstone weigh:

Gallstones may appear very light (just a gram or two) or quite heavy. Gallstones, regardless of weight, are extremely uncomfortable.

The largest reported gallstone weighed approximately 7.2 pounds (3.26 kilograms). That is a massive gallstone, for sure!

How many gallstones does one person ever had:

The record is incredible: 12,000 gallstones.


Multiple gallstones were found in over 76% of patients (GBC with GD) with controls (P = ns). The median number of different stones in GBC was 21 compare to 14 the pbs (P < 0.01). Weight: The usual weight of How much do gallbladders weigh gallstones in GBC was 9.6 g compare to 6.0 g in cases (P = 0.0004). The average weight of several stones over 10 g was significantly associate the GBC (P = 0.0006). Number: The average volume of GBC and controls was 11.7 and 6.48 ml, respectively (P = 0.0002). Average quantities cancer 6, 8, , 10 ml were associate with a 5, 7, and 11-fold higher risk of cancer. Size: There were no changes seen between GBC, it is GD, and controls.


The gallbladder serves as a hollowed grey-blue organ located in a narrow space under the right quadrant of the liver.[2] When fully distended, the gallbladder in adults measures anywhere from seven to ten centimetre (2.8 to 3.9 inches) by length und 4 centimetres (1.6 inches) in width.[3] The gallbladder’s volume is around 50 millilitres (1.8 standard fluid ounces).[2]

The gallbladder is form like an apples, with the tip leading into the duct that contains cysts.[4] The gallbladder has three How much do gallbladders weigh different parts: the fundus, the body, and the neck. The fundus is the circular base incline to face the abdominal wall. The body is in a depression on the surface that covers the lower liver. The shoulder tapers and connects onto the cystic duct, which is part inside the biliary tree.[2] The gallbladder fossa, which contains the fundus as well as the exterior of the gallbladder, is located beneath the intersection of cardiac segments IVB and V.[5] The cystic duct connects with the usual hepatic duct to form a single bile duct. At the intersection of the gallbladder’s neck on the cystic duct, the gallbladder wall protrudes, generating a mucosal fold that’s called “Hartmann’s pouch”.[2]


A typical gallbladder wall is shown in a micrograph. H & E stain.
The gallbladder lining is made of several layers. The gallbladder wall’s innermost surface is line by just a single lining of columnar cells without a brush fringe of microvilli, much to intestine absorptive cells.[2] An underlying How much do gallbladders weigh membrane called lamina propria, a muscle layers an outer perimuscular layer, and serosa all lie underneath the epithelium. Unlike other parts of the digestive system, the gallbladder lacks a muscularis mucosae and its muscular fibers are not organize into discrete layers.[6]

The mucosa, the inner component that composes the gallbladder wall, is line with just a single layer pf columnar cells, each with minute hair-like attachments known as microvilli.[2] It rests on a tiny amount of connective tissue called the lamina propria.[6] The cell membrane is twist and form into little outpouchings known as rugae.

Case Presentation:

A 63-year-old woman reported she had a two-day bout of right-sided stomach discomfort and edema accompanied by dyspepsia. She has no history for jaundice. An abdominal examination indicated abdominal fullness upon her right side as well as a palpable tumor in the right iliac fossa. She received permission for additional evaluation. Blood tests revealed excessive levels of inflammatory markers. She had an episode with pyrexia, which necessitated the administration of intramuscular (IV) antibiotics. A CT scan of the abdomen revealed a significantly enlarged gallbladder (Figure 1).1. She was then readmit for a mandatory mini-laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which was complete successfully. Her recovery after the procedure was unequal, and she was allow to leave 24 hours after surgery. The outpatient medical clinic provide a satisfactory review six weeks following discharge.

Gallbladder extraction surgery is normally perform as an outpatient operation:

A cholecystectomy, to gallbladder removal procedure, typically requires a week or two off work. Gilbert describes the laparoscopic operation as including one incision at the belly button and up to three incisions under the right ribs. Although it is typically perform as an outpatient procedure, general anesthesia is require since the surgeon will enlarge the abdomen it carbon dioxide to make simpler to work with.

Gilbert advises avoiding heavy activity for at least two weeks and expecting up to five days hip soreness, which may need the use of narcotic pain medications. People usually recover completely within three to six weeks, though they may endure diarrhea in the meanwhile.


GGBs are uncommon, and their specific genesis and pathology remain unknown. There has been no agreement on standardized definitions. GGBs might appear as right hip fossa masses with many gallstones. Mini-laparoscopic cholecystectomy is both successful and safe when performed by a skilled surgeon.


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