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Most expensive necklace in the world?


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Jewellery is widely recognise as most expensive necklace in the world one of the most prominent high-value products available the market. It’s a must-have item, whether you wish to acquire a solid precious metal investments part, make a fashion statement, or collect jewellery because a hobby. Jewellery prices, like all other things, vary greatly. From low-cost, gold-plated costume jewellery to exquisite solid gold jewellery available at jewellery hubs such as Hatton Garden, to extremely uncommon, exclusively-commissioned diamond jewellery costing tens of millions of pounds. In this piece of writing, we will look at the best jewellery money can buy. Continue reading to learn about some of the world’s most opulent and costly bits of jewellery. Please keep in mind that all prices represent current GBP conversions based on the rate of exchange at the point of sale.

The “Marie Antoinette” Necklace costs $3.7 million:

This necklace, named after the great French royal Marie Antoinette, reflects her desire for a rich and royal lifestyle. De Beers designed this necklace, which has a 1.84 carat mauve diamond vertically aligned in the centre, as well as five yellow diamonds totaling 5.24 and 7.06 carats, respectively. The three precious jewels are highlight by a total of 181.1 carats of tiny diamonds embedd in platinum. The primary diamond, measuring 8.05 carats, acts as an anchor, pulling down the chokers and improving the overall design and shape within the necklace.

Christie’s Diamond Pendant, $4.8 million:

Christie’s auction a diamond pendant necklace in 2001 for $4.8 million. It has a stunning pear-shaped stone that is connected to a smaller circle diamond. This masterpiece’s beauty is finish by a simple white gold chain. The necklace emphasises the enormous size of this pear diamond, which weighs an incredible 47.49 carats. This exquisite jewellery piece gives the wearer a really opulent and expensive appearance.


As the most beautiful bit of jewellery of the globe, with a probable value of $250,000,000, it’s not unexpect that the Diamond of Hope has inspire numerous stories and myths throughout the years. In reality, since its discovery in the seventeenth century, the 45.52 karat blue diamond has passe through the hands of numerous important and historical figures, namely King Louis XIV. Louis XIV, the king of France use the Hope Diamond on ceremonial occasions; at the time, it was place on a chain of gold and wore around his neck. It was additionally report to have been anchor in a gold base on a little gold stick. It is also to hold a curse that brings bad luck and possibly death to both the owner and everyone who touches it; knowing this gemstone glows red when expose to UV light just adds fuel to the fire.


A Heritage To Bloom is a one-of-a-kind diamond necklace create exclusively for Hong Kong jeweller Wallace Chan. The necklace is design around most expensive necklace in the world a massive 104ct diamond centrepiece and contains 11,551 diamonds totaling 383ct. Every gemstone has been meticulously arrange so that the chain can be don in a variety of ways—27 to be exact. a report by Chan, this distinctive collar took over forty-seven thousand hours to create, so that’s why it is worth $200 million.

The “Red Scarlet” costs $5.1 million:

This magnum masterpiece was design by the renown jeweller James Currens and sold for an incredible £5 million. At a Christie’s auction in the city of Hong Kong late November of 2012 This stunning piece has 26 oval-shape raven blood Burmese rubies ranging in weight from 1.27 to 5.38 percent carats. Each ruby is embellish with a cluster of resemble pears and white marquee diamonds. The rough most expensive necklace in the world diamonds with rubies are meticulously position to produce a floral look, giving the necklace the appearance of a flower lei. The valuable gemstones are set in 18 carats white gold and premium platinum.

James Currens produced this stunning piece for Hong Kong jeweller Fai Dee. The pigeon’s blood rubies came from Upper Burma’s Mogok Stone Tract, an area known for its high-quality jewellery stones.

“Mrs. Winston” – $5.8 million:

The lovely Jessica Alba wore this gem to the 2013 Gold Globe Nominations ceremony. “Mrs Winston” is a flowing diamond necklace featuring 187.5 carats of exceptional white diamonds, the majority of which are pears. These magnificent diamonds cascade downward from a diamond belt into the centre of the item. Three huge diamonds are se of the necklace to give weight and highlight the jewellery piece taper design.

“Mrs. Winston” has 207 diamonds that is a nod to the sophisticate 1950s appearance. At the awards event, Jessica Alba’s appealing gown looked stunning with this traditional v-line necklace. The jewellery is worth $5.8 million since all of the diamonds have been set inside. Platinum and have the D, E, and or F colour grade, ensuring perfection.


In 2010, the Glaser Pink diamond shatter the mark for the most cost single jewel ever sold at auction. A price of $46 million at the Sotheby’s sale in Geneva. Laurence Graff purchase this unusual “fancy intense pink” diamond. Which is currently place on a platinum ring beside two shield-shape diamonds. Graff to have improve the diamond’s colour and purity since obtaining it, perhaps increasing its value even more.


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