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What about is content panel?


We’ve discovered that it’s difficult to cut amid the noise in the realm of content creation and copywriting at The Content Panel. It took us some timeĀ  to figure out just how to accomplish it. Every day, new content marketing content panel businesses spring up, and thousands of journalists all over the world pound away at keyboards, churning out worthless words that add anything to society. It’s an endless amount of low-quality junk filling up drive bays in data centres, thanks to countless individuals writing to real machines (mostly Google). We’re attempting to change all of that at The Content Panel. Here are some of the questions we’ve asked and answered for ourselves.

Hello, Content Panel. What brings you to Medium:

We’re experimenting with new technologies and methodologies in the hopes of turning the world of written content along with branding on its head. On our @ContentPanel Medium, we’ll describe some of our ideas, aims, procedures, and hopes for the coming years of content writing. We’ll most likely share this information on our Contents Panel blog as well (after all, that’s what we do!) However, we hope to spark some conversation and debate over the types of technologies we’re developing for the Content Creation Panel and the possible impacts they will have on the larger world of text writing, advertising copywriting, and beyond.

So, what are your doing right now, Content Panel:

Content Panel was created by a team of experience in both the agency and content creation worlds, and an evident issue emerged from both perspectives. Finding the perfect writer as a freelancer was difficult and time-consuming. Writers change careers at an alarming rate, and if one departs, you must begin the search for a new writer from scratch again.
It’s a time waster that’s extremely inconvenient.
Along the road, there have been instruments and advances that have aided the situation. material mills, directories and and pre-written material have all made their imprint on the industry, partly improving things while introducing new problems.

Let me guess, Content Panel, you’re unique, aren’t you:

We believe it is a tiny bit.

The Content The discussion has created a soft AI (dubbed Panel Brain) that tries to match organisations and companies with their ideal writer. We’re not going to dive into the mechanics of just how this works (the principles, not the technology), but simply know that we have a system that selects who ought to write for whom.

Panel Brain + Content Panel = Perfect Writer:

To be honest, the panel brain isn’t flawless.
When we try to determine how good Array Brain is, we use humans as a foundation for our tests. If you gave your content strategy team the task of selecting the right writer to your brand, we’re confident they’d outperform Panel Brain. There is currently no alternative for a well-trained brain to be used for evaluating a writer’s work for acceptability.
Content Panel systems are rather good, but they are not yet better than people.

They are, however, far faster, less expensive, and, most crucially, scalable. We’ve reached a stage when teams of writers have two choices.

  • 1: You can pay an honest team member X hours for finding, interviewing, testing, vetting, and negotiating with writers to obtain a 100% flawless match.
  • 2: You are able to utilise Panel Brain and The Content Committee to determine a writer that you like and achieve a 90% match.

So, what will The Content Panel do next:

We are still in the process of testing and developing. We’re experimenting with different methods of assessing the level of craftsmanship of our writers. Matches in order to get the hard data need need to iterate on enhancements. At Content Panel HQ, we’re working on a few projects (some of those are far-fetched, while others are more realistic).

Who are the members of the Content Panel? Where do you look for them:

We had trouble getting out to writers in many industries directly when we initially started. We needed to guarantee that we have a diverse range of real-world experience in order to effectively train Panel Brain. They were working on a low budget, so the task was difficult.
After a while, word travelled across the freelance writing world. The Content Board quickly grew into one of the industry’s more well-known names. We’re not as well-known as some of our competitors, but we’re pleased with how far we’ve come.

What effect does Panel Brain have on The Content Panel’s writers:

This is something we’ve been very conscious of since the beginning. We felt that how our system operates would not be appealing enough to keep writers on board period of time. Panel Poker offers writers on the platform far fewer jobs than writers on other sites. The AI gradually opens the the jobs, narrowing the matches until anybody grabs the job. While the amount of projects we provide to every writer is limited. The quality of those jobs is usually rather good.

That’s all there is to it, folks:

So, gentlemen and ladies. That brings us to the end of our tutorial to The Contents Panel on Medium. We’re excited to get some discussion going regarding this topic and see what comes of it. Next week, we’ll go into Panel Brain in greater depth and inform you on our thoughts on baseline testing.



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