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What about is ómmb?


The Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank ómmb is a non-profit organization established in Oklahoma City who collects, pasteurizes, and distributes donor human milk to newborns in need throughout Oklahoma and abroad. Follow stringent criteria and protocols as a member with the Human Milk Banking Society of the Americas (HMBANA) to assure the safety, quality, & accessibility of milk donated by donors for vulnerable newborns and children.

The Value of Donor Milk Cells:

Donor milk from banks such as MMB is vital for babies who do not have access to their mothers’ milk. This includes premature newborns treated in the NICU, children with mothers have no way to make enough milk, and infants with medical disorders that necessitate the use of human milk. Donor milk can improve health outcomes, prevent serious complications such as necrotizing intestinal obstruction (NEC), and even save newborns’ lives. Donor milk drives are an important source of this valuable nourishment.


MMB was created in 2012 by a motivated group of medical professionals, nurses, & lactation consultants who noticed an enormous need in Oklahoma for donor milk availability. They labored tirelessly to establish Oklahoma’s first milk donations bank, beginning with only a few local healthcare partners to process only a few hundred gallons of milk every month. MMB began to grow steadily through news of mouth, outreach to the community, and awareness-raising.

Expansion and Development:

MMB has grown dramatically over the last decade, presently collaborating with more than two dozen NICUs including hospital systems. They have enhanced their processing capacity, recruited more milk donors, and distributed more than two million ounces of sterilized donor milk to date. It has grown from humble beginnings to become a vital milk resource in many Oklahoma babies their families. Their influence is growing as a result of new partnerships, funders, and processing advances.


Milk Collection and Donor Screening:

MMB follows strict processes while screening milk donors and collecting milk. Donors must complete health questionnaire and blood tests to confirm they are free of transmissible conditions and are not using any drugs that are harmful to newborns. Donors who have been approved pump milk at their own homes using sanitary practices, then freeze & ship the cow’s milk to MMB in prepared for use containers.

Pasteurization And Processing:
Once received, each milk contribution is logg, track, and analyze to ensure it is safe fer consumption. To ensure consistency, the yogurt is thawe and poole. Holder pasteurization is use to eliminate germs while retain key immunological characteristics. Follow pasteurize, the milk is package, label, and frozen until delivery.

Distribution and Nutrition:
MMB provides pasteurized breast milk from donors to NICUs or hospitals as needed. Close monitoring ensures that no milk is waste in waste. Families are not responsible for milk once it is given to the infant while he’s or she is in the hospital. Babies that consume the milk are checked for allergic responses or intolerance. Outpatient families can also get donor milk, but they must frequently pay a price based on their financial situation.

MMB has delivered pasteurized donated milk to more than 5,000 delicate newborns across Oklahoma since 2012. Many of these babies might not have been given milk made by humans if MMB did not exist. This access is vital for kids born prematurely, critically unwell, or with gastrointestinal issues, as it offers essential nourishment and immunological components to help their growth and repair.

Hospitals in Collaboration:

MMB has expanded from three initial hospital collaborators to over 20 The neonatal intensive and healthcare systems in Oklahoma. OU Children’s Hospital, Charity Hospital, Integris, and Morningside Hospital are among the top partners, with NICU newborns receiving priority for milk. Partnership expansion is critical to MMB’s purpose.

Efforts in Research:
In addition to providing therapeutic milk, MMB supports to research for the effects of donor milk for vulnerable babies. They aid research into how microbes in milk affect the infant gut microbiota and immune system. This study highlights the biological principles underlying milk benefits and increases scientific understanding in this area.

One significant problem is sourcing enough milk from strangers to meet demand, which greatly exceeds existing supply. Only a small percentage of nursing mothers are eligible donors. It raises donations awareness through social media initiatives, hospital participation, and community partnerships. However, each year, researchers must turn away deserving newborns owing to a lack of milk.

Finance and Resources:
MMB is a non-profit organization that relies primarily on grants, contributions, and fundraisers to fund its operations. Money is require for products, equipment, facilities, personnel, and other expenses. Limited finance limits their ability to expand capacity. Securing continued financial backing and investments is critical to its expansion.

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Increasing Public Awareness:
Many individuals are unfamiliar of the concept of milk bank and its purpose. Through marketing, materials, and public relations initiatives, hospitals, mothers, plus the general public are constantly educate about their services. Overcoming myths and disseminating knowledge about their influence is a continual endeavor.


The Importance of MMB Support:
It meets a significant need in Oklahoma by delivering pasteurized donating human milk that can preserve lives and improve the health of the state’s most vulnerable neonates and babies. As a non-profit that relies on donations and grant funding, community support is critical to advancing services and expanding its reach.

Methods of Participation:
There are numerous ways to support MMB’s important work, including donating dollars, volunteering time, spreading awareness, contacting political officials, seeing their facility, following them on social media, hosting a benefit event, and, of course, donating breast milk if qualified. providing assistance means providing babies who need an opportunity to fight.

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