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What about is super travel legit?


Super Travel is a website that assists users in finding amazing prices on hotels as well as other travel services. It operates alongside hotels and tourism suppliers to provide customers with discounts of as much as half off their rates. When clients sign up with their mobile numbers, is super travel legit provides cashback benefits, everyday savings, and unique bargains.

Super Travel is a real firm that was formed in 2016 (previously SnapTravel), has over 30 million customers, and has even brought on NBA great Stephen Curry as a strategic shareholder. Customers can book their travels by visiting the Super Flight website or downloading the app via the Apple App Store or the Play Store on Android. Users of the programme get access to one of the largest selections of cheap hotels, allowing them to book on a budget.

Customers may be confident that when they book with Super Travel, they get the greatest offers available. Customers who have used the organisation for hotel bookings have mainly given it positive feedback, complimenting its great service and willingness to meet requests for compromise lodgings when necessary. Furthermore, Super Travel responds fast to unfavourable feedback and pays for additional features such as savings or upgrades when available.


In various aspects, Super Travel differs from other large OTAs that include Expedia, the booking site Booking. and Priceline.

Super Travel offers cheap rates that are frequently lower compared to any of the other online retailers. They also provide a variety of bargains and discounts to help consumers save dollars on their bookings. Furthermore, Super Travel gives users more options for booking hotels and other lodgings.

In terms of accessibility and website performance, Super Booking has a straightforward website that allows clients to rapidly find the best rates and book their vacations. The website also contains useful elements such as extensive descriptions for every hotel or lodging option, allowing users to make informed selections about where they wish to stay.


Customers on Trustpilot have awarded a 4-star rating, with 28466 ratings thus far. Many clients have appreciated for the low prices and excellent customer support they received. Customers rated 1.5 /5 with 2.9K reviews on BBB, with common concerns included hidden costs and accommodations that did not match what was promised.

Customers have given The super 5686 ratings with an average rating of 4.55 out of a possible five stars on other prominent review sites, demonstrating that the majority of consumers are satisfied by their experience using this platform. Users on Reddit also warn avoiding using Super for booking lodging due to scammers and hidden costs, while Scam Detector ranks it at 58/100 due to its system detecting potential hazards linked with the platform.

Despite some complaints, Super’s overall reviews are largely positive, and it scores highly among Travel Agencies firms on Trustpilot.


Based on various parameters, Super Trip is a legitimate electronic travel agency (OTA). For starters, they provide safe payment options, assuring the security of their customers’ financial information. Their pricing and levies are clear, allowing travellers to make sound choices with no surprises. Super Travel also features clear withdrawal and refund procedures, giving customers the flexibility and certainty they require when booking vacations.

Furthermore, their customer service is both accessible and fast, indicating their commitment to promptly answering any problems or requests. Finally, Super Tourist maintains ties with respected travel firms and organisations, which strengthens its industry credibility. Overall, these indicators point to Super Travel as a trustworthy and dependable OTA for arranging and arranging travel experiences.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Ultra TRAVEL:

Super Travelling is a premier independent travel service that offers affordable rates and a wide range of vacation possibilities. The website features a straightforward interface that makes it easy to find the greatest prices for your next holiday. However, there are several disadvantages to employing Super Travel.

Customer service is one issue. While the majority of Super Travel clients have had pleasant experiences, there have been developed some complaints concerning their level of customer care. This could be because Super Travel isn’t as well-known as other of the larger online travel agents (OTAs).

Another possible concern with Super Trip is the fact they could not always provide the greatest deals when compared with rival OTAs. Before planning a trip, research costs on many websites to ensure you receive the best offer available.


Potential users can assure a secure and productive experience while employing Super Travel by following these tips.

1.Compare Super Travel rates and discounts with other online travel agents and direct suppliers.
2.Read user reviews to determine the calibre of the lodgings and services.
3.Understand the cancellation and repayment policies.
4.Keep booking confirmations, payment details, and important travel papers safe.
5.Purchase travel insurance to ensure your safety during your vacation.
6.Keep Super Travel’s customer service contact information on available in case you have any questions or issues while travelling.


Super Travel is a realistic online travel agency to those who want to plan their journeys at a lower cost and with more possibilities. Users can use the website to compare prices for various rooms, bookings, and specials all in one spot. For extra convenience, it also provides secure means of payment and explicit cancellation procedures.

However, before making any Super Travel purchases, it is critical to read consumer reviews. Users should also keep their reservation and travel papers safe and hunt for special bargains or discounts wherever available. Customers may have a safe, safe dependable online travel exposure to Super Travel by following these steps.



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