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What exactly is waverly hills room 502?


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Stories from Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Tuberculosis surged through America in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Louisville, Kentucky has the highest Tuberculosis death rate in America. In 1910, a hospital specialising in tuberculosis treatment was establish. This marked the start of operations at waverly hills room 502 Sanatorium.

The Sanatorium opened in 1926. It was regarded as the top tuberculosis treatment centre at the time. What they don’t realise about the facility is that the “treatments” were essentially gruesome experimentation on the patients. There were standard therapies, such as eating well and inhaling fresh air.Others, however, were even more cruel and unpleasant.

For example, pellets would be physically place inside the patient’s lungs and stuff with air before expanding. Very few patients perished. Many of them didn’t.Thousands perished in hospitals. In fact, numerous patients deceased that the medical centre had to dig a tunnel to transport all of the bodies. The tunnel was built so that patients in the medical centre would not lose trust in their treatment. The bodies for those who perish were transport from the hospital to the railway tracks at the hill’s base via the tunnel. Many patients did not come out.

In 1982, the federal government permanently closed the Sanatorium. However, legends about ghosts prowling the medical centre halls were extremely prevalent at the time. The most known one concerned Room 502.Room 502 functioned as a nursing station. It has been report that a nurse reportedly hung himself in this room. The nurse was unmarried and being pregnant, although the father didn’t recognise the child. In extreme distress, the nurse hung herself, and the infant inside herself died as well.

Another nurse allegedly attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. She was discover fleeing out of the hall, screaming and bleeding.There was also a boy name Timmy who was roughly six to seven years old. He loves to play ball. Timmy could have or could not have died of tuberculosis and became an evil spirit that haunted the mortuary after his passing.


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