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how to join anonymous?

What is the Anonymous Group?

Anonymous is an online hacktivist collective that brings together hackers and IT specialists globally. This group’s primary motto is “freedom of rights,” which does not apply only to governmental and commercial entities. Another term for how to join anonymous members is “digital Robin Hoods.”

Internet users are protected against various cyber attacks by the Anonymous group. It’s interesting to note that this organization lacks a hierarchy. It is not centralized. The group doesn’t follow instructions; it just follows ideas.

Guy Fawkes masks are used by every member of the group to conceal their identities. For security purposes, the public is not given access to these members’ personal information.

Furthermore, this group’s members don’t talk to one another on open groups or forums.

How Can I Become a Member of Anonymous Group?

Joining the Anonymous community is not a simple task. The Anonymous group clarifies in a recent recruitment video that it is not a club, a party, or a movement that one should join. There’s no manifest, no membership fee, and no charter.

On the other hand, you can take the actions listed below if you wish to join any Anonymous group:

Step 1: Address Yourself as Anonymous

This is an extremely straightforward procedure that is simple to accomplish. Calling yourself Anonymous and changing your online avatar to the Guy Fawkes mask should be your initial steps.

Step 2: Specify the Area in Which You Will Act

The next step is to decide what you hope to accomplish with the internet network.Take action that advances social justice and defends the fundamental liberties of the majority.

Step 3: Keep Your Identity a Secret

Keep your identify hidden in open forums if you wish to join the hacktivist group Anonymous. Maintaining anonymity is a difficult task.

Step 4: Develop Your Skills

You must possess exceptional IT skills if you wish to become a part of the Anonymous club. You must stay informed on the most recent developments in the field.

Knowledge to Have Prior to Joining an Anonymous Group

Following a few of the fundamental guidelines outlined below will help you join the Anonymous group:

  • Linux: An open-source platform called Linux makes it easier for you to join the Anonymous group. That preserves your anonymity.
  • The Tor browser: is one of those safest options if you enjoy hacking. Your IP address is completely removed from any records.
  • Wiki Anonymous: A great resource for learning about the anonymous community is wiki anonymous.
  • False Information: No member of the anonymous group discloses their real identity. To remain anonymous, you must thus continuously generate fictitious profiles and emails.
  • VPN: It is advise to utilize a premium VPN in order to conceal your true IP address.

In summary

To join the anonymous group, simply follow the instructions above if you’re someone who wishes to defend internet users’ freedom and stand up for social causes.To remain anonymous, make sure you have several fictitious profiles.

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