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What about is books for 8 year olds?


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Books for 8-year-olds: A panel of instructors from campuses surrounding the country asked 8-year-olds to choose their favorite book, and such are the answers. For more information on how those titles were chosen, please check our Children’s Favorites article, which describes the survey procedure. This list includes volumes books for 8 year olds by authors such as David Walliams, Andy Griffiths, and Terry Denton, which was Liz Pichon, Tom Fletcher e Greg James, and Chris Smith, who was Julian Clary, Dahl, as well as Louie Stowell, Frankie Cottrell Boyce, Nadia Shireen, Enid Blyton, and Jaqueline Wilson.

In How to Train Your Dragon, Cressida Cowell (Hodder):

This hilarious Viking romp set on the windswept Isle of Berk is the first in a very successful 10-book series that is currently being adapted into a film. Hiccup Horrific Haddock III, an innocent Viking looking for a chance to become a hero, takes on the task after successfully completing his dragon initiation training. First, harry must catch a dragon, and then train it. Hiccup’s attempts are humorous and adorable, and the Vikings’ chilly, rainy environment is a never-ending source of amusement. Ages 8+

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl (Puffin):

Against all odds, little Charlie Bucket miraculously finds an all-important ticket to a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Willy Wonka’s books for 8 year olds confectionery factory. The factory tour is every child’s fantasy, but it’s too tempting for Charlie and his fellow golden prize winners. A traditional, magical, rags-to-riches moral story. Ages 8+

Tale of Despereaux

Kate DiCamillo, depicted by Timothy Simon Ering (walker):

Despereaux the mouse enjoys literature and music. Perhaps as an effect of his lyrical inclination, Despereaux violates the great rat taboo by becoming in devotion to a human girl. Banished to a dungeon full of rats, Despereaux, which finds the vermin’ plan to grab the princess and drag her down into the pit of darkness and decides to stop it. This is a charming story about how love and courage may triumph over evil. Ages 8+

The Arrival

Shaun Tan(Hodder):

The gorgeous drawings of this emotional and atmospheric graphic novel, set against an ever-evolving background of locations and peoples, brilliantly tell the experiences of migrants of all kinds. His feelings books for 8 year olds of perplexity and isolation, the difficulties of communication and miscommunication the despair, and then the alleviation of the experience by friendship transcend the person and provide valuable insights. Ages 8+

Can We Get Rainbows are colors that in Space? by Dr. Sheila Kanani and Liz Kay (2023):

Where is blood red? Why in the world are carrots orange? And is the nighttime sky actually blue? See the planet in Technicolor as you learn the answers to these and other color-related questions in this incredible collection of information. Impress those you care about by explaining how some animals may shine in the dark, afterwards tell them about animals that can switch colors to avoid predators. Of course, you’ll find out the solution to the book’s central question: can rainbows exist in space.

Ambrose Follows His Nose, by Dick King-Smith and Josie Rogers (2022):

When it comes to penning uplifting animal stories, Dick King-Smith reigns supreme. And Josie Rogers, his great-granddaughter, has completed this beautiful recently unearthed story. Ambrose is a bunny with incredible talent. With a single twitch of the nostrils, he can detect each smell, ranging sweets to kittens to whiffy foxes! Biddy desperately wants Alessandro to be her closest companion, but her parents have said no. Instead, she teaches her fluffy buddy to be a tracker rabbit. Ambrose’s acute nose becomes more crucial than ever when Biddy’s family is in danger. Can Ambrose follows his nose to rescue the day?

Jamie Oliver and Mónica Armiño’s book Billy and his Giant Adventure was published in 2023:

Jamie Oliver, chef and popular author, recognizes a winning dish when he sees one, and his first children’s book is no different. Billy with his friends are not allowed to enter Waterfall Woods, but when they discover a secret entrance, they can’t resist taking a peek. Soon, the companions find a mystical realm filled with strange animals, including several sprites who require their assistance. And that’s just the beginning! With huge feasts and a huge rescue, this will be an adventure that young readers will love!

The Fossil Finder by Elizabeth Winter (2023):

Mary Anning might have received the accolades she deserved while she was here 200 years ago. But we will commemorate how her discoveries altered our view of Earth’s past. Mary was born in Lyme Regis, Dorset, and began fossil hunting at a young age. Her discoveries helped current palaeontologists piece up a picture of how dragons lived and evolved. With gorgeous panoramas fold-out pages n beautiful artwork by fresh talent Kate Winter. It is a book dinosaur aficionados and young adventurers will want to read again and again.

Kiki’s Delivery Services by Eiko Kadono and Joe Todd-Stanton (1985):

Kiki, a 13-year-old witch in training, is adamant that her magical skills would bring happiness to Koriko, a beach community. But she soon realizes it’s much more difficult than she thought… and maybe those with talents aren’t the only individuals with magic! This famous story by Eiko Kadono is ideal for fans from Studio Ghibli and animation.


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