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What about is cyberpunk good now?


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Is Cyberpunk 2077 any good now? – Answered

The infamous debut is cyberpunk good now 2077 back in 2020 is no news, and CD Projekt Red, the developer, has been trying hard to modify people’s perceptions of the game ever since. Over the last few years, minor changes have been made. But now that there is an upgrade and the big 2.0 Update, should you get back in?

Is Cyberpunk 2077 worthwhile playing now?

Yes. Cyberpunk 2077, as the name suggests, is a terrific game that is well worth playing. On the twentieth of September, the game received the Update 2.0 patch, which overhauled the majority of its major systems. Police and foe AI were enhanced, the clothing architecture was overhauled, and the entire perks system was rebuilt from the bottom up. That’s just a sampling of the key adjustments that were included for free.

Weapon responsiveness

The initial release of Cyberpunk 2077, for example, had a lot of complaints about gun feel. Many gamers remarked that the firearms were unimpressive to shoot, with little kick behind them. We are pleased to announce that this has improved significantly. Many firearms now have “bite,” and they feel more powerful. The Phantom of the Liberty DLC contained a large number of new weaponry.

Melee Combat

If you’re concerned about melee fighting in Phantom Liberty, you’ll be relieved to hear that it’s better than ever. The expansion pack increased build diversity, experimenting, weapons, and movesets. The quick-access interface for weapons such as Gorilla Arms и Mantis Blades has also been significantly improved.


Like other video game structures, cyberware was significantly overhauled with the Cyberpunk 2.0 release. There is a new cyberware capability limit. This implies that you are now limited in the amount of cyberware you’re able to install. This leads to greater build variation and more difficult options when it involves selecting your cyberware. It is possible to boost your cyberware limitation, but only with certain benefits. You can also utilize Cyberware Capacity Shards.

There are also new Cyberware alternatives to try. The Ripperdocs now have a bigger inventory and new features. Cyberware is now tailored to specific properties such as armor and harm percentage.

New missions

Of obviously, the Phantom of the Freedom DLC would not be a complete expansion pack unless it included additional missions. Fortunately, Phantom Liberty provides a plethora of gigs of jobs for you to pursue to your heart’s pleasure. These missions introduce new characters, places, rewards, and plot elements.

Player Movement

Player Movement also received an updated layer of paint. Characters feel much more responsive now, and there are more options for high-mobility builds. Dashing and double-dashing now require no stamina, allowing you to ninja leap and run indefinitely.

However, shooting depletes stamina. That might sound strange, but it just works.


Phantom Liberty provides additional benefits. It adds 10 perk points, allowing you to earn a maximum of 80 perks points in the recently released DLC expansion. Perks are becoming more integral to V’s character knowledge. Phantom Liberty also allows you to entirely respec you perk tree at any time.

New V Dialogue Styles and Characterisation

Much of V’s conversation has been modified or altered for better composition and believable delivery. For example, the late-game chat between V or Johnny now correctly depicts their fear and hatred. Before Update 2.0, the conversation was significantly more amicable than it should have been. Of course, much of this conversation will be determined by the player’s actions throughout the game.

V now has more dialogue options to choose from, giving gamers even more control over how they develop their primary character. The romance options who do exist now offer more in-depth interaction with your chosen spouse.

Is the Phantom Freedom DLC in the Cyberpunk 2077 game worthwhile?

We’re pleased to inform that the most recent DLC is well worth it. There are numerous additional elements that significantly enhance the base game and keep you engaged for hours upon end.

New Canonical Ending

Phantom Liberty additionally introduces an entirely novel canonical conclusion, which many fans believe is a significant improvement. This ending ties up many more unfinished projects and provides a more satisfactory finish than the original. This ending is reminiscent of a spy thriller narrative, with V pursuing an intriguing clue for a solution to their ailment. This unique ending allows V to survive their condition, but at a significant cost. It is up to you as well, the player, to choose whether this fee is worthwhile.

New Characters

Phantom Liberty features a plethora of new and colorful characters. Alena “Alex” Xenakis is one of these characters. She is a Federal Intel Agency operative with the ability to change form at will.Ash is the DJ radio program host for the new Growl radio FM station. Sasha Grey, a former porn star, voiced her.The famous Idris Elba voices Solomon Reed, an FIA agent. There are numerous new characters who contribute significantly to the universe of Cyberpunk 2077.

Some older characters, such as Mr. Hands, have been more fully developed. He has transformed from a strange lone fish in Pacific to a Mr. Blue-Eyes type of persona. Mr. Hands’ personality has become less vague and more direct—he is even rather chaotic.


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