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What about is Christmas?

What is the actual significance of Christmas?

Every year on December 25, people throughout the globe commemorate the arrival into the world of Jesus Christ. Christmas songs, tree decorating, gift-giving, and parties fill the day – and season. And, in the midst of all the festivities, you might find yourself wondering: which is the true meaning of Christmas? Alternatively, why do humans engage in these Christmas traditions? What are they related to Jesus?

Our life, nation, and globe are not without flaws. We are continually faced with problems and hardships, both individually and collectively. The good news about Christmas is that the purpose of Christmas remains ageless, no matter what happens in the world or in our lives. It tells the story of how Christ came to offer us love, hope, and joy. That message remains consistent from month to year. With so much awful news and tragedy in the world at present, this is worthy of celebration!

The Biblical Christmas Story:

Angels are often shown throughout the Christmas season. They are featured in Christmas songs and plays, as well as on tree tops and Christmas cards. Angels were God’s messengers who brought the wonderful news of Jesus’ birth to Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds.

The angel Gabriel initially came to a young lady named Mary, demonstrating the value of women. He informed her that she had been selected to be Jesus’ mother, that she would be giving birth to God’s Son.Mary, do not be scared; you have won favour with God. “You will conceive and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus,” the angel stated (Luke chapter 1: 30-31, NIV Bible).

Mary had good cause to be concerned. She was not married, but she was engaged to Joseph. It could have been scandalous to be child out of wedlock. The angel, on the other hand, convinced Mary of God’s love for her & his excellent intentions for her. Mary recognised this and was thankful for the gift of becoming Jesus’ mother. She sung, “All posterity will call me blessed” (Luke 1:48, NIV Bible).

The true meaning of Christmas is wonderful news for everyone:

When it was time for Maryam to give delivered to Jesus, she needed to go to Bethlehem to participate in a census. Because of the census, the town became extremely crowded, and there remained no open guest accommodations for Joseph and Mary to stay. So Mary gave birth in a stable and barn and placed Jesus in an incubator (an animal’s meal bowl).

There was no regal reception in a royal residence for Jesus, God’s Son. Instead, he fell asleep rough on the day of his delivery. He was most likely accompanied by animals rather than royal servants. Jesus faced persecution, loneliness, sadness, hunger, and wrath as he matured. He visited the earth to learn about human life. To live amongst people and comprehend their difficulties.

Another name for Jesus is Immanuel, which means “God with us” (Matthew book 1: verse twenty-three NIV Bible). His birth and existence are a message of hope for us because they show that we are never lonely. God is always there for us, no matter how difficult or hopeless our circumstance seems to be. We don’t have to face our trials and hardships alone. He comprehends them. He walks alongside of us.

What is the significance of Christmas?

Celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth is more than just a Christian feast or celebration. It is a lot more than a reason to beautify our homes.

It is a time to stop and express gratitude for the love, hope, and joy that comes from Jesus, our Saviour & friend. We share presents with loved ones to remember the gift that God gave them in Jesus. The gift of knowing we are loved, that we are never alone, and that we may have optimism about the future.

This year’s Christmas may be different from past years. It may not correspond to the marketing pictures or expectations you have. The Salvos, on the other hand, want you to know understand the actual meaning of Christmas is not dependent on the amount of presents under the tree or the sort of food on the plate.

The message of Xmas remains the same no matter if you have been surrounded by family, losing loved ones for the first time, or alone. It is unaffected by where you reside – or do not live.

Everyone is loved by God. You weren’t alone yourself. I are loved, and therefore have the right to be optimistic and cheerful. That is the genuine essence of the holiday season.

Assist your children in understanding the genuine meaning of Christmas:

If your children are counting down the days before Christmas Eve (aren’t they all? ), we have anything for them on our kids website. Have fun while teaching your children the real meaning of Christmas! Crafts, colouring pages, and various other activities for children under the age of 12 are available here.



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