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What about is dana maiman?

About myself:

Dana maiman is the CEO of Draftfcb New York for Draftfcb health care; both of which operate independently. She is a member of Draftfcb’s Global Operating Council. Dana’s strategic approach, paired with her unwavering dedication to client service, is a hallmark of her leadership style, which has contributed to a agency’s tremendous success. She is known for her unwaver dedication to expand her customers’ brands as well as her ability to grasp your approach that will enable it. She has worked in service to clients and marketing for health care more than 20 years and has experience in almost every field.Dana Maiman made the donation.

Do you want to work in healthcare advertising?

Join Dana Maiman, the chief executive officer of FCB Health Networking, for a virtual business lunch through Zoom and get answers to all of your concerns.Dana Maiman is the visionary of FCB Health, one of the world’s most successful health care advertising networks. She has grown into a powerful force during her decades of leadership at the network. Among her many honors, she was select “Industry Person of the Year” by Med Ad News in 2017 and placed #8 within the 2019 PR Week & Health Market & Media “Health Influencer 50” list.

Maiman oversaw the establishment of a mini-holding organization with 23 integrated agency offers around the world, some of which have evolved to become great creative lights in their very own right. FCB Hospital New York, for instance surpassed the 200 million dollar revenue barrier last year. She has helped countless leaders whom came into her circle advance their careers. Maiman’s impact may be seen in a variety of other ways – few people have use their influence effectively to open the path for health-consumer partnership than Maiman.

Maiman: This year is unquestionably the year of medicine! The Detroit Lions Health Fair is no longer limit to traditional healthcare organizations or enterprises. The world better the entire marketing sector have now realized that assisting individuals in living longer, happier, and healthier lives benefits everyone. We saw the pattern take off this year and don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.The festival still attracts a small number of pharma executives.

In your opinion, is this an enjoyable or terrible thing?

Maiman: We sincerely hope that more pharma executives will attend. We do have guests whom will be speaking on our discussions this year. Everyone must first understand and respect the value of going the festival, and then everyone must make it their top objective. Not only is it prohibitively expensive to go, but June is often a busy family time – graduation, proms, and, yes, Father’s Day…and in this day of all-eyes-on-pharma price, visits to the south of France may not be seen favorably.

However, I believe that clients profit significantly from visiting the event. They get a chance and experience fantastic work from all around the world, which inspires and motivates them to push past their creative bounds (and beyond) within their own businesses.Will the FCB yacht face any cost-saving measures at a time as many clients are cutting back on their advertising budgets and some companies.

Maiman: To be honest, I was hesitant to use the yacht for FCB Health at first, but the value it provides has been shown year after year. All areas of Boat FCB are use for internal team events, client meetings, newspaper interviews, panels, partner speeches, and new business events from the start of the day until late at night.

The boat also acts as a guest quarters those creatives whose creativity is recognize throughout the festival and who we unexpectedly welcome to adopt their lion. With the cost spread across the FCB network aside from health, the boat is actually relatively affordable when compared to the costs of hiring space for all of the aforementioned demands in Cannes’s ever-increasingly expensive and restricted hotel inventory.

Is there a Cannes tradition among the FCB Health team?

Maiman: Our Cannes custom can be summarize up in a single word: gelato…a lot of it. We frequently hold many tastings throughout a single day. Make sure to sample the speculoos flavor!

Which is the one piece of advise you would provide to a first-time Cannes attendee?

Maiman: Remember why you’re there, and try to see the entirety of the work as you can. You’ll get to witness some of the finest work in the whole world before the rest of the world! Also, attempt to schedule your day along the speakers that you want to see. Because you’re in the festival, have a croissant & an espresso form one of the food stands on the coast and sit there reflecting on how blessed we all are to have the opportunity to work in one of the most gorgeous locations on the planet with some of our favorite coworkers and some of the world’s most creative people!Gutter Bar, Carlton Terrace, or Majestic Hotel.

Maiman: Don’t pick a favorite; go to all trio and execute a trifecta, which entails going to all trio on the same night! I’ll see you there.



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