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What about is las vegas airport food?


While Vegas is a diner’s paradise, passengers departing or arriving at Harry Reid International Airport, also known as (LAS) have far fewer options. There are still major chains, a few examples of local outposts, even a good number on airport bars to choose from at the airport. Jersey Mike’s, las vegas airport food a new smoker’s lounge, and, strangely, a cookie dough-dispensing gadget have all just been added to the airport’s food options. If you arrive at LAS and are dissatisfied with the selection, know that you might be on the Strip in minutes, where fantastic food awaits. In the meanwhile, here are several places to eat.

Terminal 1 Esplanade:

The Layover Bar is your best bet.

Bloody Marys and margaritas are available at the full-service bar.

The remainder:

1. Starbucks

2nd Wendy’s 3rd Jimmy John’s 4th Bud 27 Track Room (smoking-friendly bar)

A Gates at Terminal 1

Siegel’s Bagelmania is the best bet.

A local seller of bagel sandwiches can be found at Gate A10.

The remainder:

  • Jamba Drink (smoothies and other beverages, post-security food court)
  • Great Steak and the Potato Co. (near Gate A23) (fries, cheesesteaks, etc.)
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill (near Gate A15)
  • Starbucks (next to Gate A7)
  • The B Lounge (near to Gate A7, a Budweiser-branded pub).
  • Dunkin’ Donuts (near Gate A7)
  • Coconut Shack (near Shake Shack)
  • Stella Artois Bar (near to Gate A15, another brewery-branded drinking choice)
  • A Sprinkles cupcake vending machine is number nine.

Gates in Terminal 1 B:

The Shake Shack restaurant (post-security food mall; also accessible via A gates) is your best bet.

The smashburger craze from New York has popular for reasons of its own.

The remainder:

  • The Doughp (packed cookie dough) dispenser (near B2).
  • 360° Gourmet Burrito (build-your-own and various burritos available near Gate B15)
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels (near Gate B9)
  • Fresh Attractions (previous to Gate B15, packaged salads and so)
  • Next to B25, Little Tony’s Pizzeria)
  • Mrs. Fields (near B25)
  • Submarine Port (near to B25)
  • Red Star Lounge (near to Gate B9) (Heineken beer)
  • PGA Tour Grill (located to Gates B15 – B17)

Terminal 1 Gates: C

The best place to eat is Pedro Cuervo Tequileria (across at Gate C5).

Before a flight, nachos and margaritas are always a good idea.

Popeyes (near to Gate C19) is a quick-service restaurant.

This chain favourite guarantees a superb chicken sandwich.

The remainder:

  • Auntie Anne’s (near Gate C16)
  • Brookwood Farms BBQ (near Gate C14) (pulled pork, barbecue brisket, and more)
  • Burger King (located adjacent to Gate C14)
  • Coffee Bean in addition las vegas airport food to Tea Leaf (near Gate C4) (after security).
  • Fresh Attractions (next to Gate C14 and across from Gate C4)
  • Fresh Supermarket on the Go (near Gate C23, between Gate C19 and C21)
  • The Great United Bagel & Bakery (located adjacent to Gate C16)
  • Jamba Juice (after security)
  • LAS MKT (sandwiches opposite Gate C7)
  • Nathan’s Famous (at Gate C22, hot dogs)
  • Hua Wei Asian Diner (near Gate C19)
  • Popeye’s (near Gate C19).
  • Lucky Streak Cocktails Lounge (after security)
  • Sammy’s Beach Restaurant & Grill (between Gates C23 and C24) (burgers, beverages and salads)

D Gates at Terminal 1:

Ruby’s Diner and Ruby’s Bar (post-security meal court) are the best sit-down options.
Nostalgic, all-day breakfast spot serving burgers, shakes, and more.

Wolfgang Puck Express (near to Gate D17) is a quick-service restaurant.
The mega-chef’s fast-casual outpost including pizza, salads, and other items.

The remainder:

  • Auntie Anne’s (food court after security)
  • Baja Fresh Express (food court after security)
  • Burger King (located adjacent to Gate D6)
  • Byte Kiosk (food court after security)
  • California Pizza Kitchen (food court after security)
  • (Cinnabon (food court after security)
  • Fresh Attractions (food court after security)
  • Great Jewish Bagel & Bakery (food court after security)
  • Jamba Juice (at least closed; food court after security)
  • Mrs. Fields (near Gate D50 and the post-security food court).
  • Submarine Port (near to Gates D4 and D50)
  • Quiznos Subs (next to Gate D34)
  • Sprinkles Vending (opposite Gate D51)
  • Starbucks Coffee (next to Gate D6, across the Gate D19, as well as next to Gates D36 and D55, in the post-security food court)
  • TCBY (food court after security)

Baggage Reclaim at Terminal 1:

Starbucks Coffee Company

E Gates, Terminal 3:

The Village Pub (throughout from Gate E14) is your best bet.

Your typical airport bar, complete with wings, French fall sandwiches, pot pie, and so on.

The remainder:

  • Burger King (near E11 Gate)
  • The Roasted Bean while Tea Leaf Restaurant (next to Gate E10)
  • The Local (near Gate E11, a bar with grab-and-go options).
  • (near Gate E8) Nevada Chophouse & Brewery
  • 5Sprinkles Vending Machine (near Gate E10)
  • Carl’s Jr. (6th floor, near Gate E4)
  • PGA Tour Grill (next to Gate E3)
  • Starbucks (next to Gate E4)


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