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What about is raconteur report?


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A change to its partnership with Raconteur is hereby announced with the approval of the GSA. The report shall centre on the advantages of outsourcing and the manner in which it grants businesses access to significant benefits. On September 23, 2019, The Times newspaper featured an raconteur report article entitled “Enterprise Agility” in its centre section. Welcoming well-informed and thought-provoking content, they are collaborating with us to produce a 16-page report that will examine the ways in which these developments will affect the future of business operations and highlight the breakthroughs and ideas that are propelling the growth of agile and outsourcing.
Comprising 436,692 copies nationwide.

Gain a competitive edge by embracing consumer relationships:

Integral composable solutions prioritise relationship-building over transaction-oriented approaches and stress the importance of abandoning conventional compartmentalization and embracing adaptability. Significantly contributing to the expansion of a business is a more adaptable and sophisticated technology platform. Prioritising consumer experiences, nevertheless, is the key to transforming into a digital enterprise. Personalised, practical, and relatable experiences are now the norm among consumers. They maintain engagement with brands due to the aforementioned factors, which fosters brand loyalty and solidifies consumer relationships.

Create a digital enterprise by utilising composable technologies:

Multi-brand organisations can efficiently respond to market trends, brand-specific demands, and consumer criteria while maintaining the distinctive attributes of each brand through the utilisation of composable commerce and technology. In addition to streamlining expansion processes, implementing composable architectures enables brands to minimise redundant activity and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Mars’s success serves as an illustration of how multi-brand organisations can attain adaptability, ingenuity, and increased consumer involvement through the use of composable commerce. By placing customer satisfaction and flexibility at the forefront, organisations can enhance their chances of success in the dynamic digital environment through the adoption of composable technology.


Time is of the essence in the midst of a corporate crisis. Enterprises must define immediate information and utilise it as part of a cohesive approach to address the present-day risk landscape, according to Dataminr’s President and Chief Operating Officer Jason Edelboim, in the AI for Business report by Raconteur.

In his response to inquiries regarding the significance of real-time data in overseeing the scope and extent of enterprise risk, Helen Sutton, Senior VP regarding EMEA and APAC sales at Dataminr, asserts that in order to effectively address the expanding variety of risks, leaders must establish connections between the various components.

“Grid Locked” article featuring Connectologists┬« in The Times’ Raconteur report: “Energy & Sustainability”:

Catherine Daly and Nikki Pillinger, two employees of Connectologists┬«, were recently highlighted in a Times’ Raconteur article that was published as an integral component of a special report titled “Energy & Sustainability.” This development truly elevates our standards.

We express our gratitude to Simon Brooke, an award-winning journalist, for his interest in the expert opinion of our Connectologists. Given the mounting pressure on National Grid to expedite the connection queue for green electricity generators, Brooke enabled them to provide quotes and cast light on the situation.

Catherine anticipates novel methodologies and emphasises the potential for enhancement. Whereas Nikki offers insights into the origins of the current predicament.


Retail companies stand to gain significantly from modifications to the regulations that govern direct marketing. Such as expanding the soft opt-in to encompass a straightforward method of declining such marketing materials. Sarah elaborated, “At this time, the soft free to join is restricted to individuals. Who have previously purchased a service or product from a business, allowing that company to continue selling to them.”

As per the propose legislation, retailers may be authorise to target individuals. Whom they have no prior association, provide that they provide a “opt-out link” for such individuals to cancel their subscription. According to Sarah, this could potentially create avenues for marketing to a more diverse audience, thereby increasing sales and revenue. Nevertheless, she underscored the possibility that retailers might endure further administrative complexities as a result of the suggested modifications.


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