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What about is skeng age?


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Skeng’s Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Education, height, and Family, Financial Status, Social Media, and Other Info


In the world of music, one comes across the intriguing Skeng, a Jamaican artist whose meteoric rise to stardom began in 2019. He is a musical polymath, with expertise in dancehall, mellifluous sing, lyrical creation, and the art of rapid verbal discourse, also known as rapping.

Skeng’s entry into the upper echelons of musical invention began with an emotive and historic conflict between two titans of the Jamaican soundscape, the rappers Vybz Kartel and Mavado is, a rivalry that left indelible impressions on his artistic soul. This unparalleled and passionate rivalry acted as a catalyst, sending him headlong to the ethereal world of harmonic expression.

The musical journey began in the heart of New Kingston, when Skeng tackled the laborious work of recording his symphony narratives. He proudly displays his Jamaican heritage, which imbues his musical tapestries with tremendous cultural relevance. Within the oven of his creative creativity, he expertly combines a wide range of artistic influences, leaving his mark indelible on the effervescent landscape of Jamaican creative artistry.

Who is Skeng?

Skeng is a renowned Jamaican musician noted for his work within dancehall music. He is a multi-talented performer that can sing, write songs, and rap. Skeng officially began his music career that debuted in the music industry in 2019. The well-known music conflict between the members of Vybz Kartel и Mavado inspired him to get started recording songs he wrote in a studio in New Kingston. It’s important remembering that he has Jamaican heritage.

Skeng was born for 2001 in the town of St. Catherine, Jamaica. We know he had a large family, but his grandparents and siblings remain unknown. He graduated from St. George’s School and attended The Quality Scholar, where he studied music. Details regarding his religious beliefs and cultural background remain unknown.

Skeng Biography

Skeng, actual name Kevon Douglas, on the other is a Jamaican reggae performer renown for his song-writing and singing abilities. However, an event that occur at Kingston’s Manley, Norman International Airport has brought ryan to the public’s attention. After being taken from the aircraft, he received allegations of being disruptive & resisting arrest. He was granted bail and order to appear in the courtroom of the Jamaica and Saint Andrews Court upon June 21, 2022.

When Skeng’s attorney complained that a law enforcement guard was behaving him inappropriately during his arrest, Skeng argued that such behaviour was unnecessary. He argued that his client felt harassed and frightened by airport security, and that the incident was an abuse of authority.

Skeng’s music career began in 2020 when he publicly acknowledged his love for music or the arts. He wanted to be an author at first, but he gave up since it was too talk-heavy. A well-known music dispute between Gully’s Mavado and Gaza’s Vybz Kartel inspired him to pursue music. Following this battle, he started making music in a New Kingston studio, where he produced over 30 songs.

Skeng’s 2021 single “Gunman Shift,” which earned him widespread attention, is one of his most memorable singles. Furthermore, songs like “Brrp” and “Street Card” have boosted his status in the cultural industry.

Skeng attended several schools, including Seng Simons Basic school, Saint George’s college. However, and Wolmer’s High School for Boys. When asked concerning the repeated school changes, he stated that in third form, he grew rebellious and attempted to forge his own path. This cause some issues, resulting in his being sent to St. George. However, his casual attitude persisted, prompting another relocation, again to Spanish Town, at what he characterised as a difficult phase in his life.

Skeng Wiki

In 2021, Jahshii’s sudden rise to stardom was epitomised by the explosive success of his tunes “Cream of the Crop,” “Life Lessons,” “Keep Up,” and “25/8,” which set the clubs ablaze all over the world. What truly differentiates him is the particular creative talent he brings to its forefront, as well as the profound significance of his beautiful compositions, which have firmly etched his presence in the thoughts of the young. Through his musical career, he conveys a powerful message: life’s challenges are not the end of the story, but rather the beginning of something new.

Jahshii’s passion for the acoustic arts began at a young age of four. Nonetheless, it was through his formative elementary school decades that he reached the watershed moment of devoting his entire body to the search of a musical career.

His outstanding virtuosity was not overlook; his participation in Popcaan’s Unruly Clash competition earn him the prestigious title of first third, further elevating his status in the business. The arc of Jahshii’s journey to victory is a monument to his unwavering determination and the steadfast support of his devoted followers.


  • Skeng was a Jamaican dance singer, songwriter, and rapper.
  • The stage identity Skeng is well-known, although his real title is Kevon Gordon.
  • Skeng, who was born in the parish of St. Catherine, the Caribbean, in 2001, will be 22 years old in 2023.
  • The conflict between Vybz Kartel as well as Mavado pushed him to pursue a career in music.
  • Skeng began recording songs in 2019 in a Little Kingston studio.
  • He has 2,000 supporters on Instagram under the username @skengdon_official1.
  • Skeng’s popularity has soared thanks to singles like “Gunman Shift,” “Brrp,” and “Street Card.”
  • He went to Sen Simon Basic University, St.George’s College, and Wolmer’s High School of Boys.


Skeng, a Jamaican performer, has made significant contributions to the music industry through dancehall, chanting, songwriting, and rapping. His journey began in 2019, fueled by musical rivalries and Jamaican roots. Skeng’s popularity has grown as a result of his successful songs and expanding fan base. While he keeps the details of his private life secret, his passion to music and desire to improve his craft have propelled him to the status of a rising dancehall star.


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