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What about is twin heart meditation?


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Just as prayed healing can’miraculously’ cure basic and serious ailments, Meditation with Twin Hearts, when performed by a great twin heart meditation number of people, has the potential to heal the entire earth, making it more harmonious and serene.

– Teacher Choa Kok Sui.

Master Choa Kok Sui, the pioneer of Pranic Healing as well as Arhatic Yoga in the Philippines, devised the Meditation for Twin Hearts technique to reach enlightened or “Universal Consciousness”. It is also a type of world service that promotes harmony by showering the globe twin heart meditation with loving-kindness, peace, joy, and goodwill. The meditation involves thanking the earth with harmony, affection, light, and joy.

How to Engage in Meditation around Twin Lovers Step by Step:

Physical Exercises:

To cleanse and purify the physical and energetic bodies, as well as remove any obstructions or accumulations of used up spirit from any part for the body, particularly at the joints. We must exercise after concentration in order to absorb the energy we received during the meditation. This also allows you to detox and strengthen the body, as well as discharge excess energy. Beyond a certain limit, the physical body is unable to absorb more energy, and physical exertion removes the surplus. When there is a surplus of energy, the physical body becomes lethargic. So exercising before and after meditating is critical.

Sit is a comfortable position and practice deep belly breathing:

You can now sit comfortably on the floor in lotus (Padmasana by) or semi-lotus position, or in a chair. If you’re sitting in a chair, keep your back straight and avoid leaning on it. Assume a receptive posture with your spine erect as well as palms facing upward, resting on your lap.

Take some long, slow, soothing breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly. Calm your mind. Deep abdominal breathing helps to relax the mind and emotions, allowing for more effective meditation. According to physician James A Gordon, abdominal breathing, which causes the abdomen to expand, is the ideal anti-stress therapy.

(Transcript of Meditation of Twin Hearts over Peace & Wisdom CD: Sit in an inviting spot and close thy eyes.)

Invoke the divine blessings:

We ask heavenly blessing before beginning our labor, and we do the same before meditation. You can choose your own terms and expressions based on your beliefs or religion.

(Transcript from Meditation off Twin Hearts for Peace alongside Illumination CD: To the greatest of all deities, to my mental twin heart meditation teacher, to all the mystical teachers, holy masters, saints, holy angels, spiritual helpers, and all the great ones, we humbly ask for divine wisdom, divine love, illumination, divine oneness, discern bliss, divine help, and divine protection. We sincerely thank you.

Connect the lip to the palate:

During the meditation, keep your tongue in contact with your palate. This helps to facilitate and wrap up the passage of energy throughout the body.

(Translated from the Meditation on 2 Hearts for tranquility and Illumination CD: Attach your mouth to your palate.)

Activate the chest and crown chakras.

It is quite simple to engage the heart energy and the crown chakra; first, stimulate the heart, then the crown.

Lord, make me a weapon of peace:

Feel the spiritual peace behind you, allow yourself to be a conduit for divine peace, let the peace to flow to your arms and hands, and gently and gently share it with the miniature earth in the space surrounding you. Feel the tranquility.

Where there is resentment, let me spread love:

Feel the love with you, allow self to be a conduit for God’s love, feel this attraction with you, feel it pouring from your heart unto your arms and hands, and finally to the small soil in front of you. Bless the mother planet with peace and compassion.

Where there is damage, pardon:

Allow yourselves to be a conduit for divine forgiveness and reconciliation. Blessed the world with the message of forgiveness and reconciliation. Let there remain understanding, harmony, and peace.

Where there isn’t despair, there is hope:

Where there is confusion, faith. Allow yourself to become a conduit for heavenly hope and faith. Bless all who live with hope and faith, as well as those who are going through a difficult moment. Tell them silently that you can make this. Bless their lives with divine hope, faith, and strength. Blessings to all.

Achieving Illumination:

The actual recitation of The Concentration for Peace aka Meditation on Both Hearts aims to achieve enlightenment through concentrating on the Light inside one’s Soul and singing the mantra OM. The one with Amin additionally becomes available.

(Translated from the Mindfulness on Twin Hands for Peace and Understanding CD: Imagine a dazzling star (or even a golden spark) on your crown, then stare at it slowly yet lovingly while quietly chanting the mantra OM. Meditate lovingly on the dazzling star while chanting the mantra OM. Be cognizant of the repeated mantra OM and focus on the space or stillness beyond the two Oms. While focusing on the space or quietness between each of these OMs. Be aware of the brilliant light. Stillness exists between the two Oms. Be conscious of the calm, as well as the beautiful star or light (or yellow flame) on your crown, and then let go.


This study builds on prior research on meditation’s impact on P300 values by finding that lovingkindness-based meditation leads to immediate improvements in meditation-naive subjects. Furthermore, this study adds to the body of data showing long-term practice improves brain efficiency. Because P300 latency its amplitude are distinct from behavioral reactions and show the brain’s speed and strength of classifying facts,4 such results suggest that practicing MTH may improve cognitive performance.


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