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What about the raging bull surf break?


This page contains information about the Raging Bull big wave celebration along with the new Raging Bell surf break record. Did you know raging bull surf break of the newcastle surf shop bull-shopping craze. Do you want to know who will be chosen in 2022 as a If so, continue reading for more information. The residents of Canada and the USA were overjoyed as the latest tidal wave broke the 100-foot raging Bull record. A contestant from Portugal smashed the mark originally set by the British lord. For further information, please see the links below for more information on the festival along with other Raging Bull Beach Break news.

How Did The First National Record Fall:

The raging waves started in British time. To compete and official registrants, the wave in 2023 was expect to be no fewer than 100 feet high. There were many contestants from all around the world who were ready to ride the monster Bull wave. Tom Butler, one of the top players from Portugal, took part in the contest and set a record-breaking 100-foot-higher wave in Nazare. The tournament was clinched by British guys who set world records for the greatest surf swell at the infamous Raging Bull Surf Cut contest.

Information on the Raging Bull festival:

  • The competition was hell for the 14th time in Portugal.
  • The contenders participated in 80 various ways, with the 100-foot-tall being the largest the most dangerous.
  • The fastest people to be able to cross this wave were traveling at kilometers per hour.
  • The candidate’s longest distance traveled was 297 meters.
  • The rider must select the appropriate board with their ride prior to convert the hyfi to PU.
  • Candidates with the most routes and the best track record of prevailing have the best odds.

Winner of the Raging Bull Surf Remove:

The event, named Nazare 2021, took held within Brazil in Franco and was attend by a significant number of register people. The event’s updates began on Monday with the door challenge, where had two levels of surfing. Participants from the United Kingdom and Portugal hold the record. However, Antonio Laureano of Portugal set the European championship in his final hundred feet of that wave. He set the previous record globally for the tallest crest at 101.4 feet by keeping readings of his board and evaluating the hunt for the record. He was grant the world title in the fresh measurement system and was award industry money for further education with his name on the national league’s surface in 2021.

Who is the video game Raging Bull Surf Breaker so popular:

The entire raging competition has been describe as a natural occurrence determine by wave height and the likelihood of harm. However, one of the participants in this situation has broken the 100-foot high wave record. This event established a new entry in the Guinness Book of Global Records.


At the end of the day Based on our research, we can conclude that British biker Tom is capable of overcoming the most difficult and dangerous wave ever. 2022 was completely expert in Cornwall after setting similar records in 2016.

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