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What about is kikurage?

What exactly is Kikurage?

We realise it’s a bit of a mouthful, although this kind of plant has a long history. Kikurage, also known as “Hei mu-er” in Chinese, was utilised as medicinal plant and food during the Tang period (618 – 907 BCE). We’ll use a fable in order to clarify the scientific term with the word “judae” in it. According to legend, Judas Iscariot hanged himself on a tree which had this identical variety of moss growing on it. That is why it is also known as Judas’ ear.

Kikurage grows on decaying wood and is smooth from both sides , deep brown to black overall colour. Despite the fact that it is utilised in Japanese cuisine, 90% percent Kikurage in this country is imported for other nations. It is sometimes gathered on the Shikoku island highlands, since it grows untamed in the forests.

The temperature in mountains swings between night and day, making it difficult to establish the ideal circumstances for producing Kikurage. However, at Aomori Prefectural Manufacturing Research Centre has developed a new kind of Aomori summer mushrooms. It’s a darker reddish colour than standard it, although it tastes exactly the same.

It has the texture of jelly in its initial state, although it is also offered in its dried form, so don’t be alarmed if it seems unusual. All you’ve got to do is wash it with water for a few hours, and it will be back to normal inside no time.

What is the Taste of Kikurage?

It comes with an earthy aroma but not much flavour. As a result, it is ideal for soaking up flavours when cooked. As a result, it is a flexible component that can be used with any dish without dominating the other elements. Kikurage’s distinct texture is one of its most remarkable features. It turns soft, virtually gelatinous, with a faint crunch when properly cooked. Because of its chewy texture, vegans may use tofu as a fun meat substitute.

What Are the Advantages of Kikurage?

When the Chinese utilised Kikurage as a medicinal herb centuries ago, they were on to something. Kikurage fungi are more than simply a tasty complement to your meals; studies have shown that they also have several health advantages. Here are some reasons why you should include them in your diet:

  • Nutrient-Rich:┬áKikurage mushrooms are high in critical elements such as dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They also include iron and calcium, which promote general health.
  • Kikurage is low in calories: making it an excellent alternative for individuals watching their calorie consumption. Because these mushrooms have 80% – 90% water, thereby they simply merely soak up sufficient liquid to satisfy your hunger. Because of their low calorie content, they are an excellent complement to low-calorie diets.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Research has shown that kikurage mushrooms have a high antioxidant capacity. These antioxidants may assist the body fight free radicals and are well-known for their function in lowering the likelihood of chronic illnesses and supporting general health. Cancer, liver illness, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, renal failure, dysfunction in the brain, etc inflammation may all be treated with them.

Kikurage Preparation:

Kikurage mushrooms may help you unleash your inner chef. Their delicate flavour and distinct texture complement a broad variety of meals and cooking techniques. Here have a few ideas for using Kikurage in your cooking:

Soups and broths made with kikurage (AJITSUKE KIKURAGE)

The mushrooms are delicious in soups and broths. A basic seasoned Kikurage broth may be made in 45 minutes using items like as salt, soy sauce, vinegar, mirin, sugar, or water.

Cook the mushrooms in thin strips with the soup materials until they are tender. To make your soup more flavorful, add ginger, garlic, and possibly pork, beef, or chicken. Kikurage’s capacity to absorb the flavours of the surrounding components and soften and gelatinize makes it an excellent option for enhancing the texture of the soup.

Salads and stir-fries with kikurage:

Who doesn’t like a filling salad? Kikurage mushrooms, thinly sliced, may provide an unusual texture to salads. They’re a great option for folks who want a little crunch in their leaves.

If you don’t want to ingest it raw, stir fried it with some tasty toppings. It’s capacity to absorb savoury sauces makes it an excellent addition to stir-fries. For a fast meal, combine it with your favourite veggies, meats, and sauces.

Kikurage Ramen:

Ramen, the renowned Japanese noodle soup, embraces a range of additions, each of which adds its own distinct flavour to this hearty meal. Kikurage mushrooms, for example, have a delicate, almost gelatinous quality with a faint crunch that enhances the broth. The flavour of the mushroom may vary depending on how i season your noodles, but the distinct texture gives an intriguing contrast to this ramen dish.

Where Can I Buy Kikurage?

Local Asian markets, especially Japanese or Chinese food shops, are great locations to start you Kikurage quest. These markets often have a wide range of fresh and dried fungus, including it. When you purchase in human being, you can verify the quality and pick the ideal it for your recipes.

Numerous internet stores specialise in Japanese & Asian culinary goods if you choose the ease of online purchasing. You may look for dried Kikurage on the internet. When purchasing online, just be remember to read evaluations of products and double-check the source’s reliability.

Finally, Kikurage mushrooms provide a delectable and adaptable component to use in your culinary creations. Their mild flavour, distinct texture, and health advantages make them an excellent option for a variety of meals.



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