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What about is cuet ete?


The seminar will be conducted in CUET’s central auditorium on the Thursday, November 23, 2023. Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Alam, VC of CUET, made the seminar’s opening remarks. Following that, Riseup Labs provided enlightening lectures on job development and prospects geared to CUET ETE students. They also struck a Memorandum of Understanding (also known as a MoU) with CUET’s ETE Department, concentrating on student internship and employment opportunities. Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs, revealed his vision for this collaboration, saying, “Our commitment is to providing students with the resources and skills they need to succeed.” This collaboration with cuet ete Department is an important step towards reducing the gap between academics and industry and developing future tech leaders.

The seminar ‘ETE Infixon – 2023:

Riseup Labs took advantage of the chance to present CUET ETE students with professional development insights and prospects. It emphasised mentorship programmes, internships, and encounters with real-world industry difficulties.

The event included four informative sessions:

  • The Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Riseup Labs’ Journey
  • Tips for Job Interviews
  • Quality Assurance Activity, Roadmap, with Industry Scope

Session 1: The Entrepreneurial Journey:

Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs, presented his personal entrepreneurial journey. The emphasis was on resilience and empowering students to overcome obstacles. Entrepreneurship, he says, is an endeavour of resilience in which problems do not serve as obstacles but obstacles to achievement. My personal story has demonstrated the power of endurance. Accept each failure as a chance to learn, progress, and eventually succeed. To the aspiring entrepreneurs: perseverance is the key to success; continue to press forward, and you’ll design a future you’ll be pleased to call your own. It is simple to achieve success. However, following failure, your industry’s recovery and success are widely publicised. You should be surrounded by individuals who appreciate you. They will encourage you at all times, it will fuel your desire to succeed.

– Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Riseup Labs’ Founder and CEO

Session 2: Riseup Labs’ Journey:

Mr. Md Rafiquzzaman, Riseup Labs’ Head of Product Design, gave the ETE attendees at Infixon 2023 a complete insight of Riseup Labs’ journey and background. He emphasised Riseup Labs’ entry into the BPO industry, which began with the development of the National Mobile Applications Distinguished game Tap Tap Ants. It gave pupils an insight into the evolution and expansion of the organisation. Ms. Md Rafiquzzaman also gave the kids information about employment options at Riseup Labs along with the IT industry. He also discussed the changing prospects for Bangladesh’s young population in the rest of the world. According to him, Bangladesh has endless opportunities in the technology industry. It’s not just concerning embracing change as we traverse this ever-changing market; it’s also about leading IT. I encourage all students to see their future not just in Bangladesh, but globally. Opportunities in the IT business for Bangladeshi youngsters are constantly growing and expanding.

Session 3: Interview Techniques:

Mrs. Taslima the woman Hafiz, Senior HR Generalist at Riseup Labs, delivered useful insights on employment interview techniques, addressed widespread misunderstandings, and provided advice on effective preparing for interviews. She also provided advice on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Job Interviews.’ Mrs. Taslima Binta Muhammad stated, “As much as our students pay attention to their classroom studies, they pay little attention to the interviews.” They are perplexed about their careers. You should clear the air and prepare to give interviews so that the firm chooses you first.

Session 4: Quality Assurance Activity, Roadmap, and Industry Scope:

Riseup Labs’ Sr. SQA Engineer dug into inspection activities, the company’s roadmap, and the broad reach of the IT business. The interactive session encouraged students to participate in a lively Q&A.

The ETE Department has signed an agreement with Riseup Labs:

Following the informative seminars, the CUET ETE Bureau and Riseup Labs formalised their partnership by entering an Agreement of Understanding (or MoU) on ETE Infixon – 2023.
The MoU was signed by Professor Dr. Mohd. Azad host, Dean of the school’s ETE Department, between Mr. Taslima Binta Hafiz, which Senior HR Generalist of Riseup Labs. The ETE Department’s Professor Mrs. Md. Jahedul Islam as well as Associate Professor Md. Md. Saiful Islam were present in the contract of understanding signing.
The agreement covers collaboration efforts in areas including internship and job chances, an industry-relevant education, access to resources, R&D, and training programmes.

What exactly is ETE Infixon – 2023:

‘ETE Infixon – 2023’ is a yearly event host by the telecommunications and electronics (ETE) Dept at Chittagong Institute of Science and Engineering (CUET). They organise the Infixon 2023 as a forum for emerging talents, with activities such as rallies, seminars, telecommunication Olympiads for machine learning contests, idea contests, gaming contests, circuit , prize giving ceremonies, alumni nights, and cultural programmes. The event invites students and faculty from diverse universities together to stimulate imagination and teamwork in innovations and technology.


Riseup Labs’ collaboration with CUET’s ETE Department is a crucial step towards equipping students with success in the information technology industry, insuring they emerge with the abilities, expertise, and experience required to thrive in their jobs.



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