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What about is short film ideas?


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Do you intend to write a quick movie but need help coming up with intriguing ideas? Reading basic story prompts can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Our thoughts come from a variety of short film ideas sources, including news headlines, novels, movies, television programs, and our own experiences, worries, and phobias. They can originate from an area or event in the movie that was not thoroughly explored. They can stem from a single image that piques the creative imagination — a seed that grows and grows until someone is driven to put it on paper or screen. Inspire scripts, novels, short narratives, or even minor scenes that you may incorporate into your existing stories.


Before we get into our 101 Long Film Prompts, let’s go over a few key aspects when composing short film scripts.


Making a fascinating short film is a filmmaker’s rite of passage. That is why filmmakers get experience and genuinely mature. It’s also an epic trip through the highest peaks and lowest valleys, as rookie filmmakers rapidly realize that it’s not as simple as having just a few citizens, a boom mike, and a camera – you need a fantastic idea.

Releasing a talking the heads short film will not get you seen by audiences or insiders within the industry. You must captivate their attention with interesting and engaging tales that have a starting point, a middle, and an end within a short film running on for 40 minutes or less (usually 5-20 minutes).


Films that are short should also use smaller story windows.

  • Rather than telling a riveting tale of your alcoholic character’s year-long journey to sobriety, why instead focus on a single day of the final step within the 12-Step program?
  • Rather than having your short film convey the grand story of a famous World War II fight, why instead focus on the soldier in question as they struggle with the larger conflict?
  • Rather than telling the terrifying short film ideas story all a serial murderer hunting and killing several victims, why not base the story on one murdered person in their home, watching the news broadcasts of the murder and then heard a floorboard groan from above?

Keep is short and straightforward:

Keep your ideas concise and basic, especially if you’re creating a short film. Do not try to fit a feature film storyline into a brief motion picture, and do not develop a complicated plot. Pay greater focus to your tale, characters, and plot. Also, use a simple one-genre tale. Ideally, short films include two or three people and no more than two places.


This is a wonderful technique to get ideas regarding the script. List all of the assets you can get/have, and your scrip will be easier to produce. This is necessary because it is the foundation for your financial plans and a smart place to begin. Your short movie can also be themed around a prop! For example, you could write about your favorite device or the pencil you used.

Watch and analyze other shorts:

Watching other notable short movies is another excellent approach to spark your creativity! While studying a film, turn down the sound and go down each section shot by shot, examining how the story was told and why the film became famous. There is nothing wrong with stealing concepts from previous short films to create your own.

Describe a scene of a feature film:

Find an episode in a full-length film that contains a lot of turmoil and can stand alone. You might experiment with it to create a short film. Here’s an intriguing story: When Damien Chazelle, the filmmaker of Whiplash, wrote a full film script about swing playing drums, it was reject. Instead of leaving up, he extracted a particularly intense sequence from the written text and turned it into an animated film. This piqued critics’ curiosity and eventually secured funding for a major picture!

Character flaws:

When brainstorming ideas, consider the shortcomings of your primary character (protagonist). This will surely render your story more intriguing. You might make your character selfish, power-hungry, or dissatisfied with life.


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