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What about is zambian meat website real?


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Zambian Meat Website: Learn the True Story this Cannibalism Case

You’ve probably heard of the Zambian Meat Blog and want to learn more about it. In 2022, people from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, for instance, and the United States search this website multiple times after learning that it is tied to a terrible cannibalism occurrence. So, what actually happened? What is the Zambian Meat Webpage and how does it relate to a cruel murder case? If you want to learn the facts and myths regarding Zambian Meat Killer, read on.

Zambian Meats Website:

A report from the police investigation, the Zambian Pork website was a free-standing forum where people could express their sadistic beliefs, debate their cannibalistic also sexual fantasies, and chat about their many forms of cravings. However, we know very little about this website, and its URL has not been released. We know very little about this website from the police complaint.

The main conclusions of the case are:

In November 2013, an aged 55-year-old German police officer was detained in Jena on suspicion of slaughtering and beheading a 59-year-old man man he met on a gastronomy website.During the inquiry, German police discovered that the victim’s loved ones and the killer had a number of conversations, messages, including emails between them. Even though authorities did not reveal the killer’s name, German media labelled him as “Detlev G”.

When did the vicious murder occur?

The unfortunate individual and Detlev met at Dresden’s principal train station on November 4, 2012. Then they ate breakfast on the Czech border. After that, Detlev led him to his (Detlev’s) guesthouse within the Ore Mountains, where the victim desired to be slain. According to the law enforcement paper, Detlev tortured, dissected, and killed his victim there before burying his body remains in the guesthouse garden.

The Reason for the Murder:

Detlev told the cops that the person who was murdered had fantasised about being slain and eaten since a young age. They met on the Zambian Beef website, where the victim had requested Detlev to kill his. They exchanged mails, which confirmed Detlev’s statement.

On the other side, his coworkers described him as an ordinary and unassuming colleague.

The Arrest:

Detlev was arrested on November 11, 2013, one year after the incident, while working as an investigator for crimes in the forensics section of Saxony’s State Office.

Myths About the Zambian Meat Killing Incident:

After Detlev’s arrest, rumours spread that he drank the victim’s body parts. However, Marko Laske, a police spokesperson, indicated that was no evidence that the perpetrator ate the victim’s body. Detlev also denied this. This rumour is most likely due to his affiliation to the cannibalistic website Zambian Meat.


On December 13, 2016, the Leipzig court convicted Detlev guilty of murder och sentenced him to eight years + seven months in jail, as reported by online outlets. The court declined to sentence muhammad to life prison since there was evidence that the perpetrator wanted him killed. Finally, we do not promote or encourage participation in these actions. We are only providing information based on various online sources.


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