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What about my forex funds court case?


Tonight (Tuesday), a New Jersey judge granted My Currency Fund’s appeal in the CFTC’s case against the company. The court ruled the releasing and restitution of the majority of Murtuza Kazmi’s assets, estimated at my forex funds court case around $100 million. However, $12.08 m of these properties will be held in escrow. Forex solutions in the cloud with stable and quick cross-border connectivity that can handle high-demand circumstances. Alibaba Cloud enables Forex dealers to conduct business safely and globally. More information is available by clicking here!

The evidence supplied:

Despite its partial finding in favour of the those being sued, the New Jersey tribunal supported the CFTC’s ‘prima facie’ (the initial impression) evidence presented to sustain charges against My Currency Funds and its CEO. My Forex Funds, as well as its CEO. Defendants’ lawyers have questioned the CFTC’s jurisdiction with respect to the prop trading firm and the evidence supplied. It should be remembered that ‘prima facie’ statements are based on what is initially observed and are assumed to be correct unless proven otherwise.

Judge Zahid Quraishi, on the other hand, declared that “the CFTC has made a ‘prima fide’ showing that Respondents made misrepresentations, misleading statements, including deceptive omissions…materiality… [and] scientific.”

Limiting the Use of Frozen Assets:

The new quantity of the frozen asset was decid because the judge limit My Currency Funds’ profits relate with the 8% of consumers who had ‘live balances’. The platform collected over $310 million is fees from my forex funds court case all consumers and paid out approximately $159 million. According to the information supplied, ‘live accounts’ account for 8% of the remaining sum.

The current provisional receiver:

“Since the SRO was grant, Defendants have shown up in the case, preserve endure counsel, complying with the court’s order to present the CFTC alongside a record of Defendants’ assets, produce Plaintiff Kazmi for testimony, and articulate an interest in resolving the legal matter and correcting any potential disclosure issues.” “Whatever fears the CFTC initially had about Defendants wasting their money appear to have lately been significantly reduce,” the Judge said in the 28-page judgement.

“Likewise, given the possibility that frozen assets could potentially be set notwithstanding as the Defendants are ably my forex funds court case represent by qualifie counsel, the Supreme Court thinks that no receivers is necessary in implementing the Court’s order”. The CFTC filed a complaint over My Forex Funds, its president, and connected organisations in late August, alleging fraudulent activity. The defendants were accuse of misleading tactics involving leverage retailing foreign exchange and pressure retail commodity trades in this case.

My Forex Funds’ Complaint to the CFTC:

My Forex Fund, on the other hand, recently claimed that the CFTC “irrationally exaggerated transfers” including hefty tax payments. Kazmi or his legal team contested the lawsuit’s core elements, pitting it against the commodities watchdog. They questioned the suspected fraudulent acts. Furthermore, the corporation questioned the CFTC’s authority over its dealings. Based on a recent Finance Magnates story, its defence team denied the CFTC’s allegations. My Forex Funds, it said, never solicited or solicited consumer investments.

My Forex Funds professed:

The CFTC’s complaint revealed a number of fraudulent tactics, including falsely terminating customer accounts, miscalculating commissions, and deploying specialised software execute orders placed by consumers at unfavourable rates.

  • Murteza Kazmi is the CEO of My Forex Funds.
  • Murteza Kazmi is the CEO of My Forex Funds.

According to the lawsuit, such tactics actively worked against clients, diminishing profits and escalating losses, despite the fact that My Forex Funds professed to prioritise customer success. The legal activities are not limit to the United States. Traders Global Organisation Inc. and Kazmi have been grant a temporary cease-trade order by the Ontario Securities Commission.


According to My Forex Funds’ defence, the CFTC disguised two large pre-authorized. Payment of $27,000,000 CAD or $4,500,000 CAD and transfers into My Forex Funds’ CEO. The defence, on the other hand, claims that these payments were direct to Canadian tax officials. The cort has maintained this and pointed out the CFTC’s errors. The motion also questioned the statutory restraining order’s unprecedented character. Stating that winding down the company and freezing private assets is a harsh measure.



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