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What exactly is Revolve Clothing?


Revolve is an online store that sells hundreds of premium fashion labels (500+!) as well as clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s comparable to Nordstrom or the Bloomingdales, but it’s aim at a younger demographic (but they offer wonderful selections for someone in their late 30s like myself!). And, although they sell a lot of well-known designer names, they also carry less well-known and smaller companies, and they’ve introduced me to some new favorites. Revolve offers a variety of pricing ranges, however they are generally on the more costly side.

Who is the owner of Revolve Clothing?

Co-founders Mente und Karanikolas took the firm public in 2019, hence it is no longer private. They earned $212 million n an IPO in June 2019 that valued the firm at over $1.23 billion dollars! Those guys have had INCREDIBLE success. MMMK Development, Inc. currently owns the firm.

Michael Mente + Mike Karanikolas founded Revolve in 2003. They started the firm in a modest house in Buena Park, California, using a total $50,000 they had earned from previous employment (they both worked at technology companies). It’s provided unlimited shipping as well as no-cost returns from the start (which was rare at the time – more on topic below! ), and they started employing influencers in 2009.

After recognizing they were an important element of effective marketing. They began by collaborating with Rumi Neely was, the blogger at Fashion Toast, to launch their first influence campaign. With influencer marketing, they’ve produced about $500 million in orders (and those are figures from 2018, so image how much it’s risen since).

Revolve Clothing is headquarter in where?

Revolve’s headquarters have relocated to Cerritos, California. Revolve is available in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Customer Service at Revolve Clothing:

So far, I’ve been quite impress with Revolve’s customer service. You may use the information provided on their web page to contact live help, get their contact information, and find their email address. One of the nicest aspects of Revolve is that all orders get FREE two-day delivery. When you start purchasing from Revolve, you grow pampered by their fast shipment. Returns are also free, making placing an order via Revolve considerably less frightening.

They were pleasant and helpful when I contacted and talked with them regarding a return (I tried both alternatives to compare!). There are no complaints.

Here a few of the requirements:

.Purposefully Made – This indicates that the firm is attempting to develop more ecologically friendly methods of manufacturing its goods. Many of the supplies or goods have certifications, for instance organic cotton that meets the Global Organic Cotton Standard or wool that meets the Decent Wool Standard.

.Recycled – This indicates that the items are made in a method that takes someone’s consumer trash (for example, plastic bottles) and converts it into new products.

.Plant-Based – Products that do not include animal byproducts.

.Low effect – Manufacturers that utilize techniques that leave a low environmental effect (taking into consideration factors like energy consumption, waste minimization, water use, and so on). This significantly minimizes its carbon footprint!

.Upcyclers- Manufacturers that employ old/vintage materials to create new items are known as upcyclers.

.Responsible manufacturing- entails ensure that people in its supply chain are paid a livable wage and work in safe conditions.

In conclusion, is Revolve Clothing worthwhile?

Absolutely. To be honest, the FREE 2-day delivery and simple returns are enough of reason for my to choose Revolve over another site that carries the identical item. However, Revolve falls on the more costly side of shopping, so I don’t buy there solely. I love to refresh my wardrobe by finding a few outstanding things at a time.

(I also supplement my outfit with items from Walmart and Amazon!) It’s comfort to know that I will not be require to substitute my Revolve goods as often since the level of craftsmanship is so high. I should also emphasize that they provide free returns! Knowing I can return anything increases my likelihood of ordering it to try.

I also like the fact that Revolve has introduced me to new companies. Choosing a brand that fitted properly and complements my style is always a major success, plus it makes future event purchasing simpler since I’ll know to look for that brand! I haven’t ordered any of their beauty goods, but the next time I do a Revolve purchase, I’ll include a few beauty selections. I’d rather place one bigger purchase from a single merchant than many ones from different retailers (and hey, free delivery).



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