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What about is proxiyum?


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Proxiyum Unveiled: Managing Online Privacy

In this age of technology, wherein each of our actions is recorded and data is continually collected, protecting our online privacy is more important than ever. Proxiyum, an innovative secure proxy service, comes in to assist you explore the internet while keeping your true identity hidden.

It is more than simply a tool; it’s an online shield. Proxiyum, founded in 2020 by an organisation dedicated to online privacy, serves as an intermediary between yourself and the internet. Consider it your virtual protector, standing between your sensitive information and any potential dangers.

Importance for Online Privacy

Why is privacy online such a significant deal? It’s similar to guarding your private space in a virtual environment. Your digital footprint, which includes your internet protocol address, surfing habits, and other data, ought to be protected. Proxiyum provides just that: a digital veil to protect you from inquisitive eyes.

What is Proxiyum?

Origin and Launch

Proxiyum began in 2020, when a group of web privacy enthusiasts joined together with a common goal: to develop a simple and effective alternative for improving online security and anonymity. The service was established in order to supply users of the internet with a dependable method of protecting their personal data as well as their online activity.

Meaning of the phrase “Proxiyum”

The term “Proxiyum” includes two key elements: “proxy” and “yum.” “Proxy” relates to acting a a substitute, yet “yum” connotes a sound of pleasure. Together, these elements encapsulate the service’s core as a rewarding alternative to protecting online privacy. The name represents the service’s goal to being a trustworthy middleman, providing users with a sense of privacy and pleasure in their online interactions.

Vision and Mission: “Your Online Privacy Partner”

Proxiyum has a defined vision, which is reflected in the motto “Your Online Privacy Partner.” This statement emphasises the service’s purpose to be a reliable companion in the fight for internet privacy. It emphasises the commitment to provide consumers with a safe and trustworthy proxy solution that meets their digital confidentiality and protection needs.

In summary, Proxiyum intends to be a lot more than a mere instrument; it wants to be a trusted partner for consumers to keep their online activities private and secure. This goal motivates the service’s commitment to developing a user-friendly and efficient solution for browsing the internet while protecting individual privacy.

Proxiyum: Features and Advantages

Fast and Dependable Connection
Proxiyum provides high-speed and stable internet connectivity. To provide a fast and stable connection, the service makes use of modern servers spread across multiple nations and regions. Users can choose a specific server or allow Proxiyum to find the optimal one depending on their current location and preferences. Switch between servers without any limits or expenses.

Smart & Secure Proxy Service
Proxiyum uses cutting-edge secure communication methods such as SSL, TLS, or AES to protect your data and web traffic. The service extends a step higher by providing DNS servers, which reduces the likelihood of DNS leaks and hijacking. Proxiyum’s built-in WebRTC filter or customisable WebRTC settings provide further protection against possible breaches or exposure, resulting in a smart and safe online experience.

Easy and Convenient Use
Proxiyum is designed to be simple and easy to use, with no installations, enrollments, or complex configurations required. To use the service, simply visit the website, enter the required URL, and click the “Go” button. Proxiyum’s browser extensions, which are available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, provide one-click access. Mobile users can experience the same convenience thanks to Proxiyum’s user-friendly apps like Android and iOS, which improve accessibility for smartphones and tablets.

How To Make Use Of Proxiyum

Visit the Proxiyum Website
To get begun with Proxiyum, go to their website. Simply enter “Proxiyum” into the browser’s address bar or click the linked link. This connects you to an online platform from where you can use the proxy service.

Entering URLs or Keywords
When you visit the Proxiyum website, users will notice a box. Here, you may type the URL to the webpage you wish to visit or simply a keyword connected to your search. Proxiyum will next find the page for you.

Choosing or Changing servers
Proxiyum provides multiple servers in different nations and areas. You may either select a server from the selection or allow Proxiyum to choose the best option for you given your location & preferences. If you ever wish to switch servers that serve as you can do it at any moment with no restrictions or expenses.

Clicking the “Go” button

Once you’ve entered your URL or keywords and selected a server, click the “Go” button. This action connect you to the target webpage using Proxiyum’s proxy server. It is a straightforward and rapid approach to get to the information you need.

Customising Proxy Settings with “Options”

For individuals who enjoy customisation, Proxiyum provides additional possibilities. Personalise your proxy settings by clicking the “Options” button. This includes selecting encryption levels, DNS choices, and WebRTC options. It is a means to adapt your experience to your individual needs.

Is Proxiyum free?

Proxiyum, an online secrecy solution, is absolutely free to users. This means that you can use its proxy services for free and without having to register. It’s a simple approach to protect your personal information on the internet without breaking the budget. However, take in mind you may encounter some advertisements on the website. These advertisements help to support the site’s operation and the team behind it.


Proxiyum appears as an admirable ally in the domain of online privacy, perfectly combining user-friendly functionality with solid security features. Its formation in 2020 via a group of privacy advocates is a concentrated effort to give a straightforward and successful solution. Their dedication to fast and dependable connections, together with strong encryption mechanisms, guarantees a safe online experience. The service’s ease of use, which does not require sophisticated installations or registrations, adds to its attractiveness.


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