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What about the guardian mile 2023 results?


This Saturday (29) in Ohio’s Cleveland suburbs, John guardian mile 2023 results Gregorek scored 3:53.0 to claim his third consecutive “The Guardian Mile” Elite event title. Tigist Ketema of Ethiopia won the women’s race in 4:28.0.

He was enough to draw away from the pack after passing the half-mile barrier at 2:00, slightly behind Luca Annan and Amin Kemboi, who ran by in under two minutes. Mexico’s Ryan Adams finished second in 3:56.0, followed by Kenya’s Kemboi in 3:56.0, Australia’s Jack Anstey in 3:57.0, and USA’s Eric Holt in 3:58.0. Josette Hahn and Johnny Gregorek broke course records in victory at the Guardian Mile 2022. Tigist Ketema won the women’s race in 4:28.0, beating South Africa’s Carina Viljoen (4:30.0), followed by Taylor Werner (4:32.0), Danielle Jones (4:33.0), and Stefanie Parsons (4:35.0).

The Guardian newspaper Mile 2023 results will be announced on July 29, 2023:

Mile Road Race for Men:


1:Gregorek, John USA 3:53.0h.

2:Ryan Adams 3:56.0h MEX.

3:Amon Kemboi KEN 3:56.0h.

4:Jack Anstey AUS 3:57.0h.

5:Johannes Benner USA 4:04.0h.

6:Benji Allen USA 4:04.0h.

7:Colin Kelly USA 4:04.0h.

8:Pat Dever GBR 4:06.0h.

9:Tone Tonkovich USA 4:07.0h.

10:Nick Wolk USA 4:07.0h.

11:William Jardine USA 4:10.0h.

12:Iain Johnson USA 4:12.0h.

13:Luca Chatham USA 4:43.0h.

14:Josh Hinckley USA 4:12.0h.

15:Sean Peterson USA 4:16.0h.

16:Aaron Combs USA 4:23.0h.

17:John Minen USA 4:30.0h.

18:Luca Chatham USA 4:43.0h.

Guardian Mile Bike Race for Women:


1:Tigist Ketema ETH 4:28.0h.

2:RSA Carina Viljoen 4:30.0h.

3:Taylor Werner of the United States 4:32.0h.

4:Danielle Jones, United States 4:33.0h.

5:Stefanie Parsons CAN 4:35.0h.

6:Alex Teubel, USA 4:39.0h.

7:Angel Piccirillo, United States 4:41.0h.

8:Emilee Trost, USA 4:46.0h.

9:Judi Jones, United States 4:47.0h.

10:Maddie Alm, United States 4:49.0h.

11:Gina Mccann MLT 5:01.0h.

12:Kate Connor USA 5:03.0h.

13:Elisabeth Rizk USA 4:55.0h.

Open Event:

1:Ethan Yost, USA 4:13.0h.

2:Evan Jarold, United States, 4:14.0h.

Women’s Mile Road Race Final Open Event:

1:Breanne Rupe 4:45.0h.

2:Hannah Long 4:50.0h.

3:Katie Clute 4:51.0h.

4:Varvara Lisichkina 4:55.0h.

5:Becca Schulte 4:57.0h.

6:Tori Reeves, United States 4:57.0h.

7:Stephanie Pierce, United States 4:58.0h.

8:Sarah Winkler, USA 5:00.0h.

9:Caitlin Holmes USA 5:15.0h.

10:Alesha Vovk America 5:05.0h.

High School event:

Men’s Mile Road Race


1:Alex Donaldson USA 4:23.0h.

2:Majid AbuAun USA 4:26.0h.

High School Events:

Women’s Mile Road Race


1:Sarah Peer USA 4:53.0h.

2:Samantha Goodnough USA 5:03.0h.



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